Kampung Celaket Standing in the Tamwlang Mataram Ruins

NUSADAILY.COM-MALANG – Kampung Celaket is in the center of Malang City. Now it is named Jalan Jaksa Agung Suprapto Gang 1 through Gang 5.
But who would have thought, Celaket Village still has a relation with the Kingdom of Mataram. What is it like?

Tuesday Kliwon, the third month, 928 AD. The earth around Merapi Mountain changes color to soot. Deciduous trees, smoke billowing everywhere. The hot lava of Mount Merapi which erupted two days before scorched everything.

The kingdom of Mataram on the slopes of Merapi, around Yogyakarta, was devastated.

Thus Dr Dwi Cahyono, historian of Malang, said a little history of the establishment of the Kingdom of Tamwlang around Kampung Celaket, Malang City.

Referring to the Turyan Inscription (Turen), after the great pralaya that befell the Kingdom of Mataram, in the 10th century, Mpu Sindok moved eastward.

The successor of King Sri Maharaja Dyah Wawa founded the new Mataram kingdom named Mataram Tamwlang Kingdom. The location of the modern kingdom in his day, said Dwi, was on the banks of the Brantas River.

The Tamwlang location is strongly suspected to be now in the Tembalangan area, Jatimulyo Village, Lowokwaru District, Malang City. Exactly west of Kampung Celaket at this time.

Tembalangan is north of the Brantas River and close to Karangbesuki and Dinoyo. This supports the thesis that Tembalangan is Tamwlang which was once a royal center.

Moreover, Tembalangan is also a village neighbor from the center of the Kanjempuan Kingdom in Dinoyo. This kingdom existed between the 8th century.

Why is Mataram Tamwlang said to be modern in its day? Mpu Sindok was the first king in Java who introduce a modern irrigation system. The system was then developed by Raja Airlangga by building a people’s cruise along the Brantas.

For information, the Medang kingdom (often called Ancient Mataram) which was founded in the 9th century was led by the Sanjaya dynasty. Then proceed by Rakai (Pikatan), Dyah Balitung and Dyah Wawa. The location of this kingdom is in the region of Yogyakarta and its surroundings.

This ancient and first Javanese Empire had also moved to Kedu and returned to Mataram until the wedhus gembhel Maha Pralaya Mount Merapi disaster.

To break the historical chain with the Medang Kingdom, finally Mpu Sindok, the official of the Medang kingdom named himself as the Wangsa Isyana.

So it can be concluded, Dwi said, that Celaket is an old village in Malang and is a former kingdom that gave birth to the big kings in Java.
During the colonial period, Wangsa Walondo (the Netherlands) first set foot in Malang, also in the Celaket region. This is proven by the many Dutch relics such as the Cor Jesu School, Saiful Anwar Hospital (ex Roemah Sakit Tjelaket), and several other old buildings. (Hanan Jalil / lil / yos)

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