A month retreat from PAN, Faldo Maldini joins PSI

NUSADAILY.COM – PADANG – Ex-National Mandate Party (PAN) politician Faldo Maldini, officially joined the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI,) Sunday (10/27/2019).

Not only joined, Faldo was also immediately appointed as Chairman of the West Sumatra PSI regional council. Decree on the appointment of Faldo as Chairperson of West Sumatra PSI was handed over directly by Secretary General Raja Juli Antoni.

“PSI just got two happiness in this week. We just got the mandate from Mr. Jokowi as Deputy Minister namely Bro Dr. Surya Tjandra. The second, Bro Faldo, political intellectuals joined PSI,” Toni said in the SK Decree of the Chair of the West Sumatra Regional Council, in Jsix Caffee Padang, Sunday (10/27/2019) as reported by kumparan.com.

According to Toni, Raja Juli Antoni’s nickname, the designation of Faldo as Chairman of PSI Regional Council in West Sumatra aims to inspire young people there. In addition, for the development of the party, West Sumatra became a carriage that must be worked seriously by PSI.

“Faldo Maldini is a symbol of novelty in West Sumatra politics. Faldo Maldini is not a conglomerate’s son. With his capacity and leadership, he appears. West Sumatra needs new leadership,” Toni said.

“For us, West Sumatra is a regional and international gateway. So, we need a new leadership that can answer that challenge,” Toni added.
Meanwhile, on the same occasion, PSI spokesman, Rian Ernest, said he was happy with Faldo joining PSI. According to him, Faldo was a formidable of young politician who spoke based on data.

This was felt directly by Ernest, who often argued with Faldo during the election campaign period. “When arguing with Faldo, I feel smarter. Now, we are sitting at the same table without any cuts. I see Bro Faldo can live more comfortably in Jakarta, but he returns to his ancestral land. Later, we will follow his political offer, “said Rian.

Faldo Maldini himself has withdrawn from PAN since the beginning of October. At that time, he submitted his resignation letter to PAN Chairman, Zulkifli Hasan on October 3, 2019. (kumparan/ li)

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