Batu Kelamin, Tickling Tourist Attractions in Raja Ampat

NUSADAILY.COM-RAJA AMPAT-The enchantment of Raja Ampat’s natural wealth seems endless. Various places present a charming panorama, worthy of admiration. One of the fun and intriguing tourist destinations is the Batu Kelamin. Located in the Mayalibit Bay area, Raja Ampat, West Papua.

That place called the Batu Kelamin due to a rock that looks like a male genitalia.

For those who want to go to the location of the Batu Kelamin, tourists need approximately 45 minutes. Travel time depends on the conditions of the waves as well as the speed of the motor boat.

As reported by, visitors are spoiled by the beauty of the coral islands and the beautiful natural panorama around Manyalibit Bay. Small drizzle occasionally comes when it is cloudy or the rainy season. Wave ripples can be seen from a distance as if dancing on the surface of the water.

Once arrived at the location, the visitors are guaranteed to laugh. When they see two large stones lined up hanging on one of the uninhabited rocks.
According to Ferdinand, a guide who delivered to the Batu Kelamin, this stone has been there for a long time. It might even have existed since the time of the ancestors of the Raja Ampat community.

Ferdinand told, this Batu Kelamin has a myth that is believed by local residents. Whoever comes and puts the coin in the Stone, their journey will be safe and their wish can be granted.

“Tourists only need to hold or touch the Batu Kelamin, then place coins on the head of the stone, then pray silently to the Creator. Undoubtedly your request will be approved,” Ferdinand explained of a myth.

Apart from the myths believed by local residents, the Batu Kelamin is totally unique and well worth visit for those vacationing in Raja Ampat. Where else can you see giant Batu Kelamin if not in Raja Ampat? (kumparan/li/yos)

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