In 2019, Foreign Funds Reached Rp.49,653 Trillion

NUSADAILY.COM-JAKARTA- Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) increased by 0.98 percent to 6,252,345 from 6,191,947 at the closing time last week. The market capitalization value increased by 1.00 percent from Rp7,119.477 trillion to Rp.1,290.749 trillion. According to Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) records, throughout 2019, foreign capital inflows entered the Indonesian stock market by Rp.49,653 trillion in the past week.
Foreign investors recorded a net purchase of Rp 52.02 billion. The average of IDX transaction also increased. This occurred in the average transaction volume which increased by 13.33 percent to 17.777 billion unit shares from 15.680 billion unit shares over the past week. And the next increase occurred in the average transaction value which recorded an increase of 3.33 percent to Rp 9,341 trillion from Rp 9,040 trillion at the closing last week.
Meanwhile, the average transaction frequency showed a weakening of 1.30 percent to 527,409 transactions from 534,357 thousand transactions at the previous week’s closing. Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) noted that there were at least 31 new issuers who ready to go through the Initial Public Offering (IPO) scheme.
From January 2019 until early October 2019, 39 issuers were listed on the IDX. “this 31 (issuers) have coincidentally fulfilled the development. The point is we are ready from the recording and trading side,” said IDX’s Director of Assessment, I Gede Nyoman Yetna Setia, quoted from Kumparan. com, Monday (7/10). Nyoman continued, until now he could not explain more detail about who the new issuers are. He only said that one of the issuers that would be registered through the IPO scheme was the consumer goods sector.
Nyoman targets that until the end of the year, the companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) will reach 70 issuers. Thus far, the total number of listed companies are 653 listed companies. “So we have 31 (listed) companies that are still in the pipeline (and) 39 listed,” he added. As a note, on average, companies that will IPO uses the financial year book of June 2019. (kumparan/cak)

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