PLN Employee Payroll Will Be Easier

NUSADAILY.COM-JAKARTA-PT Bank BRI Syariah Tbk or BRI Syariah agreed to increase business cooperation with PT PLN (Persero). The agreement was realized through the signing of a cooperation agreement on Wednesday (10/30). The form of cooperation is related to the use of payroll services through a cash management system (CMS). That way PLN employees can receive salaries through Tabungan Faedah BRI Syariah iB.

The cooperation is carried out in order to support government programs and enhance the role of Islamic banks in the Indonesian economy. Reporting from, the signing of the cooperation agreement is located at the PLN headquarters. BRIsyariah Commercial Business Director Kokok Alun Akbar and PLN Human Capital Director, Muhamad Ali were also attended.

“We would like to thank PLN for making this collaboration happen so that we could pay PLN employee payroll payments,” said BRI Syariah Commercial Business Director Kokok Alun Akbar.

Alun, his nickname, said the cooperation was a tangible manifestation of PLN’s support for the development of Islamic economics in Indonesia. PLN as one of the largest SOEs in Indonesia has provided extraordinary support in the Islamic banking industry.

“BRI Syariah cash management system services are ready to fulfill the needs of PLN’s banks in paying their employees’ salaries. In serving PLN, we work together with our main company, PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk, “continued Alun.

Through this cooperation agreement, BRI Syariah proves that Islamic banks can be accepted in large corporations in the level of PLN. Before PLN, BRIsyariah had also established cooperation to provide payroll services for other SOEs, one of which was Pertamina and its subsidiaries. For BRI, Islamic business cooperation with PLN has the potential to increase CASA and fee-based income for the company.

“For PLN employees who want to receive their payroll from BRI Syariah, we have prepared a service that makes it easier for customers to make transactions. Our mobile banking, BRIS Online, has also been supported by qualified technology so that customers’ needs for banking services can be met, “said Alun.

Alun continued, Islamic banks are currently growing. Therefore, it will continue to grow in line with the market available to us. It is hoped that Islamic bank services will also be more easily accessible to the public.
“BRI Syariah along with its main company, BRI, reach communities throughout Indonesia,” concludes Alun. (Kumparan/ cak)

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