Chinese People Call Eyang Jugo as Twa Law She

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – Admirers of Eyang Djoego and RM Iman Soedjono are not only from the Javanese community, but also from Chinese (Chinese) citizens. One of the proofs is that Chinese ethnic has separate names for the two figures who are buried in Wonosari Village, Wonosari District, Malang Regency. For Mbah Djoego, it is called Twa Law She, meaning first professor and RM Iman Soedjono is called Djie Law She, meaning second professor.

According to records, during his life in the middle of 1870 Eyang RM Iman Soedjono (Djie Low She) had planted various rare trees. Among the rare collection of trees there is a very prominent because the seeds are obtained from outside the island, namely the tree dewandaru or cerme londo or in the botanical language equina uniflora. The tree is called by the Chinese Shian Tho tree meaning tree of god. Because it is believed that the tree is very rare.

Then the assumption arose from some of the visitors who stated that those who fell the shian tho fruit in the Pesarean area of ​​Gunung Kawi, were believed to be successful and happy.

However, it is up to each individual because the term trust is relative. This means that it cannot be linked to religion or scientifically. “Even so we hope not to be developed in an irrational direction,” said RS Soeryowidagdo, author of a book entitled Pesarean Gunung Kawi (Tata Cara Ziarah dan Riwayat Makam Eyang Panembahan Djoego, Eyang Raden Mas Iman Soedjono di Gunung Kawi).

He gave an example, if someone happened to the fall of Shian Tho fruit, then the fruit was wrapped in valid banknotes, even felt obliged to redeem the fruits of dewandaru by buying various offerings or live goats that had to be released in the forest at expensive prices. All of that is absolutely not justified.

In fact, according to Soeryowidagdo, it is against the law to wrap shian tho fruit or other objects in valid banknotes. Because the notes are based on monetary law, there is only one use, for legal tender, not for packaging. (aka)

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