Defeat Young Lions, Stick Vietnam

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-MANILA – Indonesian U-22 national team continues the positive trend by beating Singapore U-22 with a score of 2-0 group B SEA Games 2019. After beating Thailand 2-0 in the inaugural match, the Young Garuda is still very powerful at the Rizal Memorial Stadium, Manilla, Philippines, Thursday (11/28/2019) evening.

Indonesia had difficulty dismantling Singapore’s back line in the first round. Egy Maulana and his new friends were able to break the deadlock in the 64th minute through Osvaldo Haay. Indonesia widened its lead in the 73rd minute after Asnawi Mangkualam Bahar listed his name on the scoreboard.

A 2-0 score can be maintained by Indonesia until the fight is complete. This victory makes Indonesia now ranked second in Group B.

They collected six points from two matches. Indonesia’s points are the same as Vietnam’s top spot. But Egy Maulana Vikri et al lost on goal difference.
Indonesia relies on short passes from behind to build attacks. Singapore tried to reduce the pressure by doing quite high. This slightly impedes the flow of the Red and White Team’s attack.

Singapore even got the first chance in the 11th minute.

Faris Ramli is able to intercept the ball from Indonesian players. He then dribbles before firing from outside the penalty box. But the direction of the ball is still rising from the goal Nadeo Argawinata.

Faris is again a threat to the Indonesian back line. His movement in the 16th minute must be violated by Asnawi in front of the Indonesian penalty box. Han Wei Lionel who executes the free kick off the measured kick to the right of the goal. Indonesia survived the breakthrough after Nadeo flew the ball aside.

Entering the middle of the first round, Indonesia played more patiently. This condition is inseparable from Singapore which relaxed their pressing. In the 30th minute, Indra Sjafri’s troops had to lose Muhammad Rafli who was injured. He was replaced by Osvaldo Haay.

Although playing more dominant, Indonesia has difficulty penetrating the Singapore defense. They were recorded as failing to create dangerous opportunities in the first round. 0-0 score did not change until halftime.
After the break, Singapore appeared bolder to show their pressure. Cross passes become their mainstay to threaten the Nadeo goal. However, Indonesia’s defense line is swift to block the ball.

In the 51st minute, Indonesia has a golden opportunity to open the scoring through Egy Maulana Vikri. Getting a long ball from Saddil, he is well in control of the ball in the penalty box.

Egy then outwitted two Singapore players. When in a favorable position, his strike is weak so it is easy for Muhammad Zharfan to secure. Indonesia finally broke the deadlock in the 64th minute through Osvaldo Haay. This goal originated from the sweep of a defender from Indonesia.

The ball leads to the defense area of ​​Singapore. Osvaldo is able to catch the ball with his speed.

He pushed the ball into the penalty box and then kick off hard. Zharfan failed to stem the speed of the ball. Score Changed 1-0 for Indonesia.

Indonesia is able to double its position in the 73rd minute. Asnawi’s breakthrough bait released Osvaldo from the Singapore player’s offside trap.

Osvaldo calmly plays the ball and gives the ball back to Asnawi. With one flick, the Makassar PSM player successfully changed the score to 2-0.
Asnawi almost scored his second goal in this match in the 78th minute.

ierced from the left side, he pulled off a hard kick from inside the penalty box. But the ball still hits the crossbar. Excellent 2-0, Indonesia slightly reduced the intensity of its attacks. Singapore almost took advantage of this situation in the 81st minute.

A cross from the right side meets the head of Irfan Fandi. This effort only hit the pole.

The throwing ball struck by Muhammad Hami was blocked well by the Indonesian rearguard. Although the chance to give birth to the turmoil of the ball can be thrown out of the field. Indonesia is able to maintain their two superior goals in the remaining time available. Score 2-0 for Indonesia closed the match. (wan)

Nadeo Argawinata; Asnawi Mangkualam Bahar, Bagas Adi, Andy Setyo, Firza Andika (Dodi Alexvan Djin 46 ‘); Zulfiandi, Evan Dimas Darmono (Evan Dimas 58 ‘); Syahrian Abhimanyu, Egy Maulana Vikri, Saddil Ramdani; Muhammad Rafli (Osvaldo Haay 30 ‘)

Singapore: Muhammad Zharfan, Han Wei Lionel, Muhammad Syahrul, Irfan Fandi Ahmad, Tajeli, Ryhan Euan, Jacob William (M. Shahiran 75 ‘), Muhammad Hami Syahin, Muhammad Naqiuddin (M. Zulkarnaen 75’), Ikhsan Fandi Ahmad, Muhammad Faris Ramli

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