First Travel Asset Auction for Country Begins, Victims of Fraud Inflamed

NUSADALY.COM-DEPOK – The Depok Prosecutor’s Office has begun auctioning around 500 of First Travel assets, Friday 15 November 2019. The money from the auction will be deposited into the state treasury. The technical tender was conducted by the Office of State Assets and Auction Services (KPKNL) appointed by Kejari.

Kejari will indeed deposit the proceeds of the auction for the First Travel Umrah fraud case to the state treasury (confiscated by the state). Kejari did not distribute the proceeds of the auction to the victims of fraud.

The steps to deposit the proceeds from the auction to the state treasury are in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Court (MA) number 3096 K/Pid. Sus/2018 which strengthens the decision of the Depok District Court No.83/Pid.B/2018/PN. Dpk.

The contents of the ruling The MA sentenced the prisoners of two First Travel bosses, Andika Surachman and Anniesa Desvitasari Hasibuan for 20 years each. Both also have to pay a fine of 10 billion each. Including confiscating the remaining assets for the country.

“It has been established and I, as the Head of the District Attorney’s Office and as the executor, obliged to implement a court decision that has permanent legal force,” said the head of Depok, Yudi Triadi, at the Depok District Prosecutor’s Office, Cilodong, Depok, Friday, November 15, 2019 as reported by

To note, the Supreme Court decided to seize the proceeds of the First Travel pilgrimage fraud for the country, with several considerations.

On page 394 of the decision of MA 3096 K/Pid.Sus/2018, the judge explained that for evidence serial number 1 through number 529, the Petitioner Appeal I (the Public Prosecutor) requested that the evidence be returned to prospective worshipers of PT First Anugerah Karya Wisata.

The return is made through the First Travel Victim Asset Management Board based on Establishment Deed Number 1, April 16, 2018 made before the Notary Mafruchah.

The return is made through the First Travel Victim Asset Management Board based on Establishment Deed Number 1, April 16, 2018 made before the Notary Mafruchah.

Mustikawati, SH, M.Kn. furthermore, the assets will be distributed proportionally and evenly.

However, the judge judged that according to the legal facts at the trial, it turns out that the First Asset Victim Management Asset Management Office submitted a letter and statement of refusal to accept the return of the evidence.

Another consideration, that as a matter of fact at the trial, the evidence is the result of a crime committed by the defendant. The items were also confiscated from prosecutors who had been proven guilty of fraud and money laundering.
For this reason, the judge judged that based on the provisions of Article 39 of the Criminal Code in conjunction with Article 46 of the Criminal Procedure Code, the evidence was confiscated for the state.

To, Yudi said that there were no legal remedies that could be done by First Travel victims. He also claimed to have maximally accommodated the wishes of the victims to return the First Travel assets to the victims.

“Our legal efforts to accommodate the wishes of the victims have been maximized. Not only the court of first instance, until cassation, the last legal remedy that we did as a public prosecutor representing the victims, we have carried out the maximum,” he said.

Meanwhile, victims of First Travel fraud and their legal counsel still do not receive the First Travel assets that were left confiscated by the state.

First Travel fraud victim, Asro Kamal Rokan said “We are being deprived, why is the country benefited? We cannot accept it. Supposedly, the auction results are intended for worshipers,” Asro told Friday, November 15, 2019.
Asro is a victim of First Travel fraud who registered 14 of his family for Umrah. He spent Rp 160 million to join the Umrah.

According to him, worshipers who were victims had already voiced this objection through their legal counsel. However, he said, the court ignored. “The court did not respond to the aspirations of pilgrims,” ​​he said.

Besides Asro, First Travel fraud victims also expressed their objections. “We reject this decision. The state should be ashamed and refuse to accept funds from pilgrims. Doesn’t the state function to protect the people, instead of taking advantage of the suffering of the people?” TM TM Lutfi Yazid, as a lawyer for the victims, told, Saturday (11/16).

“So if FT’s assets are then auctioned off by Kajari and handed over to the state, this is illegal,” Luthfi added. (yos)

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