For 2,200 Years, the Lady of the Kelt Tribe was buried in the Tree Crate

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-MALANG – How to bury and give accessories to the dead uniquely done by the Celtic Nation. They attach very beautiful and creative accessories to the body, then put it in a tree chest.

The culture of the ancestors of Europeans was known from the discovery of the body of a noble Celtic woman. The body was wearing 2,200 years of luxury clothing and jewelry. The body is stored neatly in a chest made of tree trunks.
The discovery of the body in a tree coffin occurred in March 2017, precisely when there was a Kern school complex construction project in Assersihl, Zurich, Switzerland.

Researchers identified the body as a Celtic nation. Because the shape of the coffin as it was used by the Celtic people in the iron age. They buried their bodies in coffins made from tree trunks.

Reporting from, Saturday, November 23, 2019, the jewelry worn by the body included thin straps and bronze bracelets. Also there are necklaces made of amber stone and glass flakes.

Archaeologists are very interested in the remnants of the clothes he wore. Because the maker is so creative. Like a series of metal clamps that can tie his jewelry and clothes together.

One researcher said, “Researchers diligently investigated the pattern of layers of clothing made of textiles, furs and remnants of the skin which were also buried in the coffin. The dresses used were predicted to be made from the best choice fleece, and the coat was made of.

Also mentioned in the, the woman’s body was found buried around 260 feet (80 meters) from the grave of a Celtic man. The Celtic man’s grave was discovered in 1903 during the construction of a school sports facility. The man was buried with his spear, sword and perisi.

Elena Pauline Grothe, an archeologist from the University of Basel, Switzerland, predicted that the two bodies had once known each other. “Because these two people were buried in the same decade, maybe they know each other,” he said.

Still from the same source, that the Celtic nobility lived in mainland Europe to Turkey, even though they were considered to be from Great Britain. They were very famous as a formidable fighter, so the Romans had to build a fortress of Hadrian for self-protection.

Taken from Walentina Waluyanti, internationally, Celtic is better known as Celts or Celts. Celtic was originally the name of a Celtic tribe, which spoke Celtic. The Celtic have lived in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Eastern France.

In 600 BC, this tribe spread north-west in Europe. Until 400 BC, most Celtic tribes occupied Western Europe including Britain. Based on this, the Celtic tribe is believed to be the ancestor of Western Europeans.

Walentina Waluyanti concluded that based on one of her visits to the Celticfest or the Celtic Party in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. (has/yos)

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