Gerindra Wants to Pair Jokowi’s Children with Sukarno’s Grandchildren in Solo

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – SOLO – DPC Gerindra Solo is ready to carry Paundrakarna Sukmaputra to run in the Solo Mayor Election to accompany Gibran Rakabuming Raka in the Pilkada Serentak(Simultaneous Election) 2020. This was conveyed by Chairman of DPC Gerindra Solo, Ardianto Kuswinarno.
“Paundra’s nomination to accompany Gibran is my proposal. I and Paundra have been communicating by telephone, but he lives in Mangkunegaran,” Ardianto said when met by the Bengawan News team, Wednesday (10/30) as quoted by
Ardianto said that in the near future he would soon have a meeting with Sukarno’s grandson. “We plan to meet in person, we will probably discuss it again next week,” he said.
According to him, the election of Paundra to go forward in the 2020 Solo elections can balance Gibran who has the basic of a businessman. Moreover, according to him, Paundra’s experience in the political world is no doubt, because he was once a member of the Solo DPRD.
Ardianto said, Gibran’s companion signal that had not yet been seen, made Gerindra confident of submitting the name Paundra to accompany President Jokowi’s eldest son.
“Many people are choosing young leaders, if Gibran is paired with older people I feel is not quite right, so it needs to be the same young people,” he believes.
Moreover, the communication with Paundra is considered to be easy. Because according to him, there are DPC Gerindra officials who know Paundra so well.
“Before the meeting, we established communication with Paundra. There are DPC Gerindra official who knew him well,” he concluded. (kumparan / li)

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