Indonesia Has the Shortest River in the World

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-KOLAKA-All this time, the world has the Nile as the longest river, it turns out that one of the shortest rivers in the world is in Indonesia. The name is Tamborasi River.

This river has a length of only 20 meters and a width of 15 meters. The Tamborasi River is in the Village of Tamborasi, District of Wolo, Kolaka Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province. Worldatlas even called this river as the first shortest river in the world.

Tamborasi river offers a different natural beauty. The Tamborasi River is in the area of the Tamborasi Beach lip. At first glance this river looks like a lake, but has a downstream water flow directly to the sea of Tamborasi Beach. Because it is close to the beach, this riverbank is beach sand.

Tamborasi River water comes from springs in the cliffs which are crushed by rooted trees. The atmosphere on the river is so cool and calm even though it is on the edge of the beach.

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Another sensation that can be enjoyed when visiting the Tamborasi River is the temperature difference upstream and downstream of the river. The meeting of fresh water and salt water makes this downstream river tends to be warmer, while the upstream feels cold.

Access to these tourist attractions is quite easy and varied. Through land access, visitors can take the route from Kendari to Kolaka with an estimated time of 3-4 hours. For flights, visitors can go through Sultan Agung Makassar Airport to Sangia Nibandera Kolaka Airport, which takes about 50 minutes.

Whereas if visitors want to use sea access, they can travel through Makassar Harbor to Bajo Harbor in Bone Regency. Then continued to the Port of Kolaka for 8 hours by ferry.

After arriving at the center of Kolaka Regency, visitors only need 1-2 hours by road to the Tamborasi River. Along the way, visitors will also be presented with a beautiful view of Mount Marmer.

The forest around the Tamborasi River is inhabited by a variety of animals, ranging from a variety of bird species, to Sulawesi’s endemic animals, the golden fur monkey. A variety of marine plants can also be found in this pristine river area.

There is a myth among the local people. If there are visitors who can tie a rope to the roots of trees around the river, it is believed that a match will come soon. And for those who are married, it is said that household relations will be more harmonious. (lna/yos)

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