Island of Ideas, a Remote Island to Create a Million Ideas

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-SWEDEN – Are you a person who can’t stop creating? Or always full of innovative ideas that must be spawned immediately?
If you want these ideas to not just evaporate due to disturbances around you, try moving to the Island of Ideas.

Yes, Gagasan Island, Fredrik Haren’s private island. The island is only 7,000 square meters close to Stockholm, Sweden.

You can access this island exclusively. Its location is remote in the middle of the sea. There was no one other than Haren, the owner of the island.

The beauty of the whole island of ideas can be enjoyed free of charge. Of course, while continuing to think and try to realize the ideas that you have. You can focus on completing whatever ideas you want to realize.

Like many creators, Haren realized that living with all the distractions could divert us to creative thinking. So, he took a unique initiative by creating a residence on a private island.

Haren, the owner of this island believes that all big ideas only come true when we are truly isolated from the world.

We just simply make friends with nature. Like nature by nature, it always provides peace of mind and harmony of a peaceful life.

The island has a 65 square meter house which is very simple, but has complete facilities.

For those of you who want to live on the island, submit innovative ideas to then explain to Haren.

If Haren believes in the feasibility of the project, he will provide a free stay for a week on this Island of Ideas. It could even be longer than that, of course if you are able to convince Haren that the project you are working on can be completed perfectly if you give more time.

Call it Bastian Dowling, one of those who once enjoyed the beauty of the island. Bastian visited Gagasan Island to do a research on sports. He said that the island of Ideasan was an extraordinary place to live and think.

“The island of ideas is like oxygen for the mind, which inspires ideas and helps to imagine the future more clearly,” he said. (Processed from Al Arabiya/has/ yos).

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