Mojo Batik Festival Boosts the Turnover of Mojokerto Batik Craftsmen Up to 300 Percent

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-MOJOKERTO – The Mojo Batik Festival was held lively. Dozens of fashion creations displayed 260 designers in the event which was held November 23-24 2019 at Alun Alun Mojokerto.

The fashion material uses typical Mojokerto batik, the batik motifs of Sisik Gringsing Tribhuwana Tunggadewi.

“The theme of the Sisik Gringsing Tribhuwana Tunggadewi motif symbolizes balance, prosperity and fertility. Includes a symbol of beauty as in the Majapahit kingdom under the leadership of Tribhuwana Tunggadewi,” said Mayor of Mojokerto, Ika Puspitasari.

Three designers from 260 designers became stars. They are Diana Couture or Diana Putri, Dwi Iskandar, and Irma Lumiga. Other designers are young designers from various cities.

Diana Couture or Diana Putri is a designer from Mojokerto. Diana once brought the name of Indonesia to the international scene through Batik Mojo creations. In 2016, Diana won the Best Designer title at the Couture Fashion Week in New York.

Aside from Diana, designers from Banyuwangi Irma Lumiga and Dwi Iskandar (Dwico) also made stunning clothing from Mojo batik. The clothes were brought by local and professional models from Mojokerto City.

The appearance of the models became even more lively when Jenita Janet amazed the people of Mojokerto City with her distinctive appearance. The dangdut singer wore a colorful wig and wore Sisik Gringsing batik.
The Mayor of Mojokerto, Ika Puspitasari said, the Mojo Batik Festival was a series of the 2019 Mojo Spekta.

“We will always work together with designers and SMEs for the advancement of Mojokerto which has cultural values ​​and local wisdom. We want to introduce the original Mojokerto batik to the wider community, both locally and internationally,” said the mayor, familiarly called Ning Ita.

Ning Ita explained, every designer who was present bought authentic Mojokerto batik. Batik as a material to make clothes displayed by the models.
“This event was able to increase the turnover of batik artisans in Mojokerto by up to 300 percent. It is hoped that this annual event can improve the economy, especially batik SMEs, “he stressed.

Meanwhile, member of the House of Representatives Commission II, Eva Yuliana, appreciated the Mojokerto City Government. “The culture of batik is not only nicked, but there is also a prayer in every stroke,” Eva said as quoted by

This Nasdem party politician added, the government was expected to participate in encouraging cultural development. Including protecting the community in creating culture. Because preserving culture is a milestone of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

In addition to fashion shows, the 2019 Mojo Batik Festival also involves local MSMEs to introduce creative products and typical food from Mojokerto.

In this series of festivals, a batik design competition was held, until the parade stretched 1,000 meters of batik cloth. This parade was performed by 890 mothers who wore 96 different original batik motifs from Mojokerto. (lna/yos)

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