Pasar Beriman Tomohon, An Extreme Global Traditional Market

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-TOMOHON – Want to know where to buy dog meat, bats, pythons or rat meat? Instead of confused asking, just go to the Pasar Beriman Tomohon. Tomohon Market is located on Jalan Beriman, Tomohon City, North Sulawesi. This market is well known in foreign countries with the nickname Tomohon Extreme Market.

A glimpse of the extreme Tomohon market look like a usual traditional market. In the north of the market is an ordinary traditional market. Various types of vegetables, chicken, beef, fish, snacks, are sold here.

But if visitors continue to explore the south, this market sells meat from a variety of wild animals that are not commonly consumed.

Rats, dogs, bats, wild boars, cats, and even pythons are displayed in the merchant’s stalls. This is what distinguishes Tomohon Market from other traditional markets in Indonesia.

The uniqueness of merchandise in this market is a special attraction for travelers from home and abroad. Guaranteed, visitors who first came to this market would be surprised, wide-eyed, even might not like to eat.

The sight of whole animal flesh covered in blood, and an unusual fishy odor have become the hallmark of Tomohon Market.

Visitors will find whole pythons that hang like beef sold in the usual market. Bats and forest rats are stacked like fish merchandise. Until the dog and boar hanged complete with his head. The average color is black because it has been burned to remove the fur.

Roasted Rat (cr: traveltodayIndonesia)

The variety of extreme meat sold in this market is inseparable from the traditions of the Minahasa, a native of North Sulawesi. They often eat game. In Minahasa people’s terms, as long as the meat can be processed and eaten, they will try to eat it.

On weekends, meat sold in this market is even more diverse. There are deer, soa, monitor lizards, sago caterpillars, to black monkeys, cats, babirusa, and anoa.

“Normally, on Saturdays it is called a complete market. All types of trade animals are sold at the Tomohon Believe Market,” explained a seller at Tomohon Market, reported from

Meat is supplied from outside the region and from the Tomohon region itself. Large animals are usually imported from outside areas that have a lot of forest. For example, from Gorontalo, Makassar and Tolitoli.

According to traders, all animals are traditionally captured using community-made traps. If the merchandise is still left, the traders do not hesitate to peddle this extreme meat around the village.

The price of extreme meat is also diverse. A kilo of pythons is usually valued at Rp. 60 thousand. Whereas dog meat and pork are usually sold per kilo or even per fish with unit prices starting at Rp. 250 thousand.

On religious holidays, the price of meat usually tends to rise because market demand is multiplying. Understandably, the big day in the Minahasa community is identical to the culinary treats of snake meat.

“Depending on the season, if again ahead of special days the price will definitely rise. If now (meat) snakes around 60 thousand rupiahs,” said the python trader, quoted from CNN.

Visitors from outside Tomohon who come there are mostly just taking pictures and just looking around.

If curious, visitors can immediately try the extreme culinary sensations that are sold there as well. A serving of mouse and bat satay is valued at around Rp. 25 thousand.

Tomohon Market Polemic

Although unique and even became a foreign tourist destination, the presence of Tomohon Market remains a polemic especially among animal lovers.

Reporting from CNN, Dog Meat-Free Indonesia (DMI) records that around one million dogs and cats are killed each year for trade.

Even since 2017, DMFI has urged the Indonesian government to immediately stop the dog and cat trade. Various petitions to stop the consumption of dogs and cats, to close the Tomohon Market have also been widely aired. But until now Tomohon Market is still operating as usual.

Various environmental rescue organizations also often hold campaigns directly at Tomohon Market about saving wildlife, the danger of consuming wild meat, to the status of protection for certain types of animals.

But of course it invites pros and cons. Many appreciated, some gave negative responses.

Apart from the various polemics that emerged, Tomohon Market is part of the cultural assets of the people of North Sulawesi. That reason may also be the reason why Tomohon Market is still maintained and continues to exist to this day. (lna/yos)

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