Paulinum, A Church That Can Be Used for Muslim Worship

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-LEIPZIG – Leipzig University which is the second oldest university in Germany has a church-shaped building, known as Paulinum. The Paulinum building was originally indeed a church named Paulinerkirche. Now, this building is intended as a multipurpose building.

Paulinekirche stood in the area of the square of Augustus, which was built in 1231. When the University of Leipzig was founded in 1409, this church functioned as a university church.

Subsequently in 1545, the church was donated and the University of Leipzig had full rights to this church.

Paulinekirche malah dihancurkan dengan sengaja setelah perang pada 1968 oleh pemerintah yang berkuasa. Saat itu Leipzig ada di bawah kekuasaan komunis Jerman Timur. Pada masa itu komunis Jerman Timur berusaha untuk melemahkan peran gereja dalam masyarakat.

Two important figures who have ever been in this church are Martin Luther and Johann Sebastian Bach. Luther inaugurated the church into the property of the university. While Bach worked as music director in this church in 1723-1725.

An interesting fact from Paulinekirche is that the building was not damaged at all during World War I and II. Although many bombs were dropped on the city of Leipzig, this church still stands strong.

Paulinekirche was intentionally destroyed after the war in 1968 by the ruling government. At that time Leipzig was under East German communist rule. At that time East German communists tried to undermine the role of the church in society.

After West Germany and East Germany were united, Paulinekirche was rebuilt. The name was changed to Paulinum. Although it looks the same as Paulinekirche, which was destroyed, Paulinum did not only function as a church.

Today Paulinum is used as a venue for academic events, concerts, and church services. Anyone can come to Paulinum starting from university members, residents of Leipzig, even tourists from all over the world.

Paulinum has space to give speeches, a place to display objects from Paulinekirche. There is also room to provide information about science and mathematics.

What is unique, in Paulinum there is also room for prayer that can be used by anyone. Even Muslims can pray in this building. (processed from kumparan/mel/yos)

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