Police Are Forbidden To Show Off Their Luxury Life, Someone Has Been Sanctioned

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-JAKARTA – Habits of luxury living uploaded on social media are now often seen on YouTube or Instagram, abstinence for members of the National Police. Strict sanctions will be given to members of the National Police who have luxurious and hedonistic lifestyles, because the National Police Headquarters has already given a ban contained in a telegram dated 15 November 2019.

The prohibition on luxury and hedonistic lifestyle questions is contained in a telegram letter numbered ST/30/XI/HUM.4.3/2019, which was signed by the Inspector General of the Indonesian National Police’s Inspector General Listyo Sigit Prabowo.

Head of the Public Relations Division of the Police Public Relations Division, Commissioner Asep Adisaputra said at the National Police Headquarters some time ago, the appeal was aimed at forming members of the National Police who were close to the community. In addition, the prohibition also requires them to maintain their behavior and be an example for the community.

TR (telegram) is intended as a sign, barrier and reminder that members of the National Police always maintain the rules and corridors of their duties. “It should not be corruption, blackmail, or hurt people who are associated with individual interests that enrich themselves,” said Asep.

The ban was not just an appeal issued just like that. The reason is that there are already three Polri personnel who have been sanctioned because they have been shown to exhibit a luxurious lifestyle.

“There are 3 personnel that we have taken disciplinary action,” said Karopenmas National Police Public Relations Division, Police Brigadier General Argo Yuwono at Police Headquarters, South Jakarta, Monday (25/11) as reported by Kumparan.com.

However, Argo did not reveal the form of disciplinary sanctions received by the three members of the National Police. Argo also did not reveal who the three policemen were in charge of.

Argo only said that the three personnel committed violations in 2017. They traveled abroad and were found uploading photos on social media. However, Argo was reluctant to mention the identity of the personnel.

“There are, for example, in the social media he travels abroad also. Then he took photographs and uploaded them to social media, we have taken disciplinary action, “Argo said.

Meanwhile, on a different occasion, the Head of Public Relations of the National Police, Inspector General Pol M Iqbal said that members of the Indonesian National Police were advised to display a humanist attitude in the community and not show off wealth. This was to avoid negative public perceptions.

“For this reason, the National Police Chief emphasized that we must not, we are community servants, we are emulated, seen and even emulated,” Iqbal said at the Tribrata Building, Jalan Dharmawangsa, South Jakarta.

Iqbal said, it would be better if Polri members displayed humanistic qualities rather than uploading luxury motorcycles on social media, even though the vehicle was not private property.

He said, if the appeal is still violated, members of the National Police will be punished. In fact, threatened with being removed from his position.

“Showing a Harley motorcycle, a car, even though it is low, but the public’s perception is very negative. If it violates we will check. (If) Proven, right, because the digital era can be created, we will act according to the mechanism. It could be the threat of confinement, demotion to the threat of office, “he added.

The following is the contents of the telegram regarding the prohibition of luxury and hedonistic lifestyle through a telegram letter numbered ST/30/XI/HUM.4.3/2019, which was signed by the Inspector General of the Indonesian National Police’s Inspector General Listyo Sigit Prabowo.

  1. Not showing, wearing, displaying luxury items in daily life both in social interactions in the service or in public areas;
  2. Always protecting oneself, placing oneself (with) a simple lifestyle in the internal environment of Polri’s institutions and social life;
  3. Do not upload photos or videos on social media that show a hedonistic lifestyle, because it can cause social jealousy;
  4. Adjusting legal norms, compliance, appropriateness to the conditions of the living environment;
  5. Using the National Police attributes in accordance with the division, for leveling;
  6. Leaders, Kasatwil, officers can give examples of good behavior and attitude (by) not showing a hedonistic lifestyle, especially Bhayangkari and the Polri extended family;
  7. Strict sanctions are imposed for violating members of the National Police. (kum/lee/yos)

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