Riyadlul Jannah Mosque in Sukoharjo “Confiscated” by the Bank

NUSADAILY.COM – SUKOHARJO – Riyadhul Jannah Mosque in Little Bangsri RT 03 / RW 01, Kriwen Urban Village, Sukoharjo, Central Java, was in a social upheaval. Around the yard of the mosque was posted an announcement board ‘This Land and Building is in the Supervision of PT BPR Central International’.

Suddenly, netizens thought that the mosque would be auctioned by the bank. Netizens also debated the status of the mosque which was supposed to be waqf land, but belonged to one of the Rural Credit Bank (BPR).

Takmir (mosque administrator) Chairman Riyadhul Jannah, Mulyono, said the mosque was built in 2011 by a bus entrepreneur from Sukoharjo named Yatimin Suyitno. Yatimin has now died.

According to Mulyono, during the mosque construction process, Yatimin did not want to be assisted by local residents. Because according to Mulyono, Yatimin had long wanted to build a mosque with his own funding.

“Residents have ever wanted to help donate money to build a mosque, but it was not responded to. So, the mosque was entirely built at his own expense (Yatimin),” Mulyono said, Wednesday (30/10), as reported by Kumparan.com.

The Riyadhul Jannah Mosque, said Mulyono, was built on nearly 1,200 square meters of land belonging to Yatimin. The mosque is able to accommodate around 2,000 worshipers.

Orally, when the mosque was finished at the end of 2012, the Yatimin family donated the mosque to local residents and witnessed by takmir. But the waqf was only verbal and was not witnessed by the local Office of Religious Affairs. Land certificates have never been given.

“Before the mosque was built, Yatimin’s children apparently mortgaged the land certificate for Rp. 400 million. Then there was bad credit,” said Mulyono.

In fact, said Mulyono, collateral for loans at banks has now reached around Rp. 600 million. As a result the land and mosque were confiscated by the bank. Mulyono was surprised on Tuesday (29/10) that someone came to put up a mosque plaque that said ‘for sale’ and was viral on social media. However, now signposts for sale have been revealed.

An announcement indicating the location is the object of supervision by the BPR. (Photo: Kumparan)

Many residents concerned with this incident. The Yatimin family could only surrender to see the mosque auctioned by the bank. We lobbied to the bank so that the mosque would not be sold,” he added.

A third party from BPR Central International, Lukas, asserted from the bank there was no intention to sell the mosque. He confirmed the status of the land and the official building of the bank.

“We will find the best way to prevent the mosque from being sold. If there are people who want to buy, they must not change the function of the mosque,” he said. (kumparan/li)

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