The Biggest Dwarapala Statue in Indonesia is in Singosari

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-MALANG – Two Dwarapala statues in Singosari are a matter of pride for residents. Because these two statues are the largest ever found in Indonesia.

The statue is made of intact monolithic stone and has a height of 3.7 meters. It is difficult to imagine, how people used to move a stone of that size, then placed it on a pedestal or a building pad.

Wonder with what they raised it, until now it is still a puzzle. But that is one of the privileges of the people in the Singosari Kingdom who had always been known to be great.

There is also the ruins of the gate which is composed of stones measuring about 1 meter by 70 cm with a thickness of about 30 centimeters.

In addition, at the south side of the gate there is still a stone of this size which is in a position on a pile of smaller stones. The large stone is located at a height of about 2 meters.

Interestingly, for the statue on the north side of his right hand he held up two fingers as a symbol of peace. It is said that according to residents, it shows that in Singosari Kingdom there are two Hindu and Buddhist religions that live side by side.

While the Dwarapala statue to the south of his right hand holds a club as a symbol of readiness.

What is also unique, the position of a statue of that size is now irregular, the north faces east while the south statue faces north.

The current position is thought to have changed due to natural disasters and possibly changed by humans. In fact, it was also mentioned that the Dwarapala statue once sank almost halfway down. Then appointed again.

Unfortunately, the complex condition of the statue is now poorly maintained. In fact, if this area is well managed, complete with guidance on the history that covers it, then it can be an interesting destination for historical attractions. (aka)

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