The Minister of Health Terawan Touched the Health BPJS Deficit also because of Doctors

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-JAKARTA – Doctors should be introspective. Because they were insinuated by the Minister of Health Terawan Agus Putranto contributed to the deficit BPJS Health.

Taken from, Minister of Health Terawan mentioned that one of the causes was the giving of unnecessary actions by doctors. That caused hospital claims to swell.

Exemplified by Menks, sectio caesarea or cesarean surgery for mothers who will give birth was recorded to be very high at Rp. 260 trillion in 2018. In addition, the cost of treating heart disease also reached Rp. 10.5 trillion in the same year.

“What does that mean? There is tremendous waste of action that should not be done, (even-ed) take action,” accused Terkes Minister of Health.

BPJS Health itself has long complained about the high costs of several types of actions. Treatment of cataracts, newborns, and medical rehabilitation is said to record a very large expenditure.

“Cataract operations reached 2.6 trillion. Healthy babies who were billed separately from their mothers were around 1.1 trillion. Medical rehabilitation was 960 billion. That number exceeded catastrophic cases, such as heart disease, kidney failure,” said Deputy Director of the Health Insurance Service for Referral BPJS Health, Budi Mohamad Arief, commented when responding to the controversy over the Director of Health Services Guarantee (Perdirjampelkes) some time ago.

Minister of Health Terawan rate, service for patients should be done optimally, not maximally. Maximum service is not impossible but actually harming or even endangering the lives of patients.

“Cancer is also like that. Don’t give systemic chemotherapy on stage 1. Of course, the death is not because of the cancer, but the excessive medication. That is not the maximum name, but optimal,” said Minister of Health Terawan.
Minister of Health Terawan explained, in the law, health services provided to patients must be on target and optimal. Unfortunately what is happening right now is that giving a diagnosis is considered excessive and seems unlimited.

“But what happens is unlimited medical services. Who is the country that can afford unlimited medical services? In America, Obama Care is immediately overwhelmed if unlimited,” said the Minister of Health.

Many health workers are said to not apply the basic health service rules. Not only in terms of actions, but also inpatient classes of patients.

In addition, the services provided according to him are too maximal so that it seems excessive. In fact, the diagnosis is too optimal will also endanger the patient.

“The law is basic health services, that’s what we fix. Second, standard class services. Which class is the standard class, just specify where you want to go. There is where inequality begins,” he said.

The most financing claims are held by independent BPJS Health users. The usage has reached 400 percent, in the sense that although all independent participants pay regularly, there will still be a deficit.

“The problem is that BPJS is independent. It wants class 1,2,3, above 400 percent which means 4 times the usage. Increased (the fee) also does not close,” he explained.

“It seems as though the subsidies are independent, they are not. The government (instead) is subsidizing independent BPJS patients because their use is above 400 percent. That’s the data, the ratio claims have exceeded the platform,” he concluded. (processed from detikcom/yos)

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