The Unique Celebration of the Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday in the Caliph Period

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-RIYADH – The birthday of His Majesty the Prophet Muhammad is a great event for the hearts of Muslims in various parts of the world. So it is not surprising when the events of the Prophet’s Birthday have been celebrated long ago by state leaders and caliphs.

There are many versions regarding when the celebration was first held. Imam al-Suyuti argued for the first time that the celebration of the birthday was carried out on a large scale and organized during the time of King Erbil (present-day Iraq). The king at that time was named Raja Al Mudzoffar Abu Sa’id Kaukabari bin Zainuddin Ali.

Furthermore, the celebration of Mawlid is continued by the next generation of state leaders and caliphs.

Fatimid Dynasty

Some history books say that the Fatimids were the first to celebrate the anniversary of the Prophet’s Birthday. Regarding the celebration of the Prophet’s Birthday during the Fatimid dynasty, Dr. Abdul Mun’im in his book explained “The celebration of the Prophet’s birthday during the Fatimid period was limited to the provision of sweets and alms.”

Ayyubid dynasty

The celebration of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad in the period of the Ayyubid dynasty was held during the reign of Sultan Salah al-Din.

At that time, the Prophet’s Birthday was a big celebration that was held every year. The celebration spent up to three hundred thousand dinars each year.

For reasons of differences in determining the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, then alternately, in the first year the celebration was held on the 8th of Early Robiul and the following year was held on the 12th of the Early Robiul.


The sultans of the Ottoaman Caliphate had great attention in every Muslim holiday celebration, including the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. For each celebration, each caliph will make his choice about where the celebration will be held. When Sultan Abdul Hamid II came to power, he chose to celebrate it at the Hamidi Mosque.

At that time, right on the 11th night of Early Robiul, royal officials plus all of their ranks stood in a line at the door of the mosque waiting for the King.

They wear oversized clothes and put a badge on the chest. When the King comes out of his palace, he will be approached with the best horses with his entourage.

The king will walk between two lines of Ottoman soldiers to get to the mosque and the people will walk behind him.

Once inside the mosque, they will start reading the Koran, then read the story of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, and then read a book about the goodness of reading selawat to the Prophet.

While on the morning of the 12th of Rabiul Awal, royal officials from various levels would come to congratulate the King.


Moroccan sultans love to celebrate the birthday of the Prophet, especially during the reign of Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur. This sultan ruled at the end of the 10th century.

When it was Fajr on the day of the Prophet’s birth, the Sultan would go out and perform the congregational prayers with the people. After that, the king will sit in the space provided. While the people sit in their respective places.

After that the preacher will preach and talk about the virtues of His Majesty the Prophet and his miracles. The story of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad is also told.

When the preacher ended his lecture, people chanted poetry and praise and then closed with a procession of eating together by the whole community. (processed from

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