Who is Ani Idrus, Indonesian Woman Who Adorns Google Doodle November 25

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-MALANG – Google Doodle today, Monday, November 25, 2019, also commemorates the 101 years of birth of Ani Idrus. In the illustration, Google shows a woman with glasses in the background of a newspaper. Who exactly is Ani Idrus?

Ani Idrus’s figure has an important influence in the world of Indonesian journalism.

Ani Idrus was born in Sawahlunto, West Sumatra, on November 25, 1918. She died at the age of 80 in Medan, North Sumatra. Ani Idrus died on January 9, 1999.

Ani Idrus is known to have lived in Medan since elementary school. She had changed schools from the Methodist English School, Meisjeskop School, Schakelschool. Finally at MULO (Meer Uitgebreid Lager Onderwijs) aka Junior High School during the Dutch colonial era in Indonesia.

Entering the lecture level, Ani Idrus majored in law in 1962-1965 at UISU (Islamic University of North Sumatra) Medan. Then in 1975, Ani Idrus continued his Doctoranda at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at UISU.

Ani Idrus pursued the journalist profession since the Dutch colonial period, precisely in 1930. Her career began when she joined Panji Pustaka Jakarta magazine.

In 1936, Ani Idrus spread her wings to the Sinar Deli Medan media and became a contributor to the Political Distribution magazine. Two years later, Ani Idrus finally published her own political magazine, Seruan Kita, with her husband, H. Mohamad Said.

In 1947, Ani Idrus and her husband continued to form the Waspada Daily print media in Medan City. Then Ani Idrus published the Dunia Wanita magazine in 1949.

Until the end of her life, Ani Idrus was still the Chief Editor of the Harian Waspada and Dunia Wanita Magazine in Medan.

Her contribution in the world of journalism earned her a variety of awards. The first award she got from the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) in 1959.
Subsequently in 1979, Ani obtained a National Level Upgrading Guidance charter from BP7 Jakarta. And in 1988, she received the Satya Pen enforcer of the Pancasila Press from the Indonesian Minister of Information (Harmoko), in Jakarta. The award was only given to 12 national press figures.

In 1990, the Minister of Information R.I also gave her an award for journalists above 70 years who were still actively devoting themselves in Ujungpandang.
Her work as a journalist is no doubt. She often travels journalism to foreign countries.

As in 1953, Ani Idrus had visited Japan with a group of Republic of Indonesia ‘Fact Finding’ trade mission groups to negotiate payment of War Reparation.
Other countries she visited included the Republic of China, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, the United States, Egypt, Turkey, Hong Kong, Thailand, and many more. Most of the journalistic visits are to cover political news between countries.

Ani Idrus even covered and became a living witness of the surrender of West Irian to the Republic of Indonesia in 1963.

Ani was active in several political organizations, such as the Indonesia Muda, the Gerakan Rakyat Indonesia (Gerindo) in Medan, to becoming a member of the Indonesian National Party (PNI).

In 1967, Ani Idrus was a member of the North Sumatra DPRGR Level I for the Work Group (journalist).

Ani Idrus is also active in writing books, including the Buku Tahunan Wanita (1953), Menunaikan Ibadah Haji ke Tanah Suci (1974), Wanita Dulu Sekarang dan Esok (1980), Terbunuhnya Indira Gandhi (1984), Sekilas Pengalaman dalam Pers dan Organisasi PWI di Sumatra Utara (1985), and Doa Utama dalam Islam (1987).

Reporting from the Tribun, Ani Idrus also once founded an educational institution called the Ani Idrus Education Foundation. She also had set up many educational foundations starting at the level of kindergarten, to universities.

Because of her contributions in the world of journalism, politics, to education, the name Ani Idrus is worth remembering until today. (lna/yos)

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