Why is Pumpkin Identical With Halloween?

NUSADAILY.COM-JAKARTA – In some countries, Halloween is one of the most awaited events. Besides being enlivened by a spooky costume party, this October 31 festival is also identical with pumpkin.
Pumpkin will not processed into a variety of delicious dishes. This orange fruit is often the main decoration on Halloween night. Carved into creepy faces, the pumpkin is filled with candle to create a creepy facial shadows.

The glowing pumpkin decorations are known as Jack-o-lanterns. Pumpkin is believed to drive away evil spirits who want to enter the house. Reporting from kumparan.com, Jack-o-Lantern comes from a fairy tale in Ireland about a miser farmer named Jack, who has been around since the 1500s ago.

One day, Jack trapped the devil to enrich himself. The farmer, who became known as ‘Stingy’ Jack, promised to release the devil on the condition that he would not be thrown into hell when he died.

At his death, God did not allow Jack to go to heaven because of too many sins. But the farmer also cannot go to hell because the devil does not want to break the promise he made during Jack’s life.

Finally, Jack is thrown back to earth and only provided with a torch and a turnip. Since then, Jack-o-Lantern has become a legend and is often identified with an evil spirit that often roams on Halloween night.

Further, many people made copies of Jack’s face from the turnips that were easier to find in Ireland to drive away spirits who were about to enter their homes. Pumpkin carvings that form scary faces are believed to make curious spirits reluctant to enter residents’ homes.

Now as technology develops, the Halloween pumpkin lights are more often used to enliven Halloween costume decorations or properties. There are also giant pumpkin harvest festivals to pumpkin carving competitions that are routinely held before Halloween.

In addition, Halloween is also attached to a variety of pumpkin dishes. Because it coincides with winter, the soft pumpkin is often processed into a warm soup, soft sponge cake, until thick sweet juice for snacks at Halloween parties. (kumparan/li/yos)

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