According to Research, Children Born in December Drowsiness

NUSADAILY.COM – MALANG – December, besides being known as the rainy month, is said to have special features for those born in that month. A study found special features of children born in December. This is not even owned by children born to other months.

Quoted from here are some of the features:

  1. Like to wake up in the morning, and easy to sleep
    According to a study at Spanish and Italian universities, children born in December tend to have a habit of getting up early than those born in July or August. Another study also mentioned, children born in the 12th month are more easily asleep.
  2. Being the youngest child in the class
    Because born in the last month, children born in December will usually be the youngest in their class at school. Research shows, there are academic benefits for being the youngest child in the class. When they enter college, the youngest children will generally become smarter. Although his body is the smallest.
  3. Tend to be a dentist
    Census studies in the United Kingdom found, children born in December usually when growing up will work as a dentist. The study, which analyzed 19 careers based on birth month, found a tendency for children born in December to become dentists. While children born in January become obstetricians.
  4. Left-handed
    Children born in December tend to be left-handed, and smarter.
    According to research at the University of Vienna, of 13,000 adults, 7.5% of women and 8.8% of left-handed men. When researchers look at their date of birth, most left-handed men are born in December.
    It is well known that left-handed people usually grow up to be smart kids. Some world-famous scientists like Enstein are also left-handed.
  5. Children born in December have good zodiac characters
    Children born in December, will have the zodiac sign of Sagittarius or Capricorn. Full of curiosity is a characteristic of Sagittarius children. Their observations about life can be very insightful. Sagittarius children have high self-confidence.
    Whereas solid, stable and practical are the characteristics possessed by Capricorn children. They always look more mature than they really are. Capricorn children don’t need to be told twice to do anything, and they also rarely get into trouble.

Basically, all children have their own privileges, regardless of the month of birth. However, research from scientists gives an illustration, other features that are owned by children born in December.

Is your child born or will be born in December? (aka)

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