Bareskrim Reveals International Drug Network, One Perpetrator Shot Dead

NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – Dittipidnarkoba Bareskrim Police succeeded in dismantling the Malaysian-Indonesian international network of narcotics distribution. From the results of this arrest, the Indonesian police secured 24.1 kilograms of methamphetamine drugs and 1 thousand ecstasy pills.

Karopenmas Public Relations Police Headquarters, Brigadier General Prabowo Argo Yuwono explained, the arrest was made after a public complaint from North Jakarta Penjaringan who was restless because of drug trafficking. Then, the Task Force 2 Dittipidnarkoba Bareskrim Police Department developed a case for three months.

Argo explained, National Police Chief General Idham Azis also appreciated the disclosure of this case. “Because it can save 100 thousand lives with the disclosure of drugs as much as 24.1 kilograms (KG) and ecstasy of 1 thousand points,” Argo said at the Criminal Investigation Building, Jakarta, Thursday, December 26, 2019.

Argo continued, the Bareskrim Team arrested five suspects suspected of trafficking drugs, namely A (40) KH (31), HW (39), RD (37) and SS (45).

One actor named HW was forced to be shot and killed before arriving at the hospital, after trying to seize officers’ weapons during an arrest. Known, they were arrested in separate places on December 17, 2019 ago.

“At present, the police are still looking for two other suspects with the initials L and F,” Argo explained.

Argo added, the mode of the suspects, namely by entering drugs from Malaysia into Indonesia by using a speedboat. Furthermore, illicit goods are stored on a remote island in Tembilahan waters.

“Furthermore, it is distributed according to orders from controllers to be brought to Jakarta by a coconut cargo truck. Where evidence is piled up in it,” Argo explained, the drug will be distributed for New Year’s Eve.

“To be circulated during the new year, so it was taken to Jakarta and Mataram. To the dealers do not do the circulation of prohibited goods in Indonesia again. We will fight and arrest and we will fight the colony of narcotics,” he explained.

The suspect violated article 114 paragraph (2) Jo article 132 (1) of Law number 35 of 2009 concerning narcotics with the threat of capital punishment, life imprisonment or imprisonment for a minimum of 5 years and a maximum of 20 years. (dan)

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