Can’t Wait For El Clasico

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-MADRID – After being postponed, the El Clasico match was finally confirmed on Thursday (12/19) at 02.00 WIB. Follow-up Spanish League 2019/2020 duel between Barcelona vs Real Madrid was supposed to take place 27 October. But the match was delayed because of the Spanish football federation, RFEF considered the Catalunya situation not conducive.

The match is predicted to be tight and fierce. In the standings table, the points earned by both teams are the same and are only distinguished by goal difference. Before this match was held, Barcelona and Real Madrid underwent week 17 matches. El Barca faced Real Sociedad while Los Blancos were hosted by Valencia.

Up to 16 matches, Barcelona and Real Madrid collected 34 points. Luis Suarez and colleagues made 11 wins, one draw and three defeats while Real Madrid won 10 times, four draws and once lost.

Of the last five meetings in cross-competition, Barca are more dominant by incising three wins. Meanwhile, Real Madrid only won two draws.

Responding to the current situation and conditions, the former Spain and Real Madrid national team coach, Vicente Del Bosque revealed that he hoped the match would not be postponed.

“I am reluctant to postpone [El Clasico] first, especially with all the consequences. We have given [radicals] an opportunity to be better prepared. I hope all goes well and football is back in one piece, with a good impression, “Del Bosque said as quoted by from Marca.

“If there is something that can unite these differences, even though it is not from football, that is what might be called soccer. “Football can help harmony,” he added.

On the other hand, the President of Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu gave a similar statement. He also wants the match not to be postponed and be held properly.

“This match will be held. It is our responsibility to play. We are in a difficult moment but this has nothing to do with football, “he said. (tir/wan)

El Clasico schedule

Thursday (12/19)
Barcelona vs Real Madrid, Camp Nou Stadium, at 2:00 a.m. WIB

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