Commotion Caused by Smuggling Harley Davidsons, Here’s the History of Garuda Flights

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – MALANG– Because of the ‘smuggling’ of Harley Davidsons motorcycles and Brompton bikes from the UK, the Garuda Indonesia airline that has been proud of being the best Indonesian airline has arguably been tarnished. To learn more about this airline, you should read the following history.

Indonesian commercial flights, as reported by, began when the Indonesian nation was maintaining independence. The first commercial flight used a Dakota DC-3 aircraft with RI 001 registration from Calcutta to Rangoon and was named Indonesian Airways “.

The flight took place on January 26, 1949. In the same year, December 28, 1949, the Douglas DC-3 Dakota type aircraft, with PK-DPD registration and painted with the Garuda Indonesian Airways logo, flew from Jakarta to Yogyakarta to pick up President Soekarno.

This is the first flight called Garuda Indonesian Airways. The name Garuda was given by President Soekarno, which was taken from a Dutch poem written by the famous poet of the time, Noto Soeroto; “Ik ben Garuda, Vishnoe’s vogel, die zijn vleugels uitslaat hoog bovine uw einladen” (I am Garuda, Vishnu bird that spreads its wings high above your islands.(aka)

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