Concerned for Citizens, Satgas Pamtas Yonif Raider 509 Kostrad Rehabilitated the Church

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-KEEROM-As one of the forms of concern for the worship activities of residents at the border, the Tatakra Post led by Letda inf Heriyansyah Purba, S.Tr (Han) along with eight members carrying out the service of the rehabilitation of the Church of St. Yohanes Kampung Tatakra, Web District, Regency Keerom Saturday (11/30).

Heriyansyah said that the initiative came from the advice of post members. Then it was delivered to the Head of the Tatakra Village, then it was agreed to carry out the devoted work of rehabilitating the Church of Santo Yohanes Kampung Tatakra together with the community.

CHURCH REHAB: Post Tatakra led by Letda Inf Heriyansyah Purba, S.Tr (Han) along with eight members carrying out the work of the rehabilitation service of the Church of Saint John.

The existence of a place of worship in the form of a church is the only place of worship for residents in the implementation of community worship activities in the Tatakra Village. The effort is a form of the Satgas Post’s concern for public facilities, especially in the religious fields of the community, to be more solemn in worship.

Danpos invites people to unite with border residents to create a peaceful atmosphere, and care for one another with the conditions of the surrounding environment. Including worship facilities such as Church buildings, to maintain cleanliness and tidiness so that they can be used longer, more comfortably.

The head of the Celsius Ball Tatakra Village said that the church building was very important for the Tatakra community and as the only place of worship in the village.

“We are very grateful to the Sattas Pamtas members who played a role in improving development in our village,” he said.

“Thank you, the TNI from the Sattas Pamtas who have often helped every citizen activity in the Tatakra village,” he added. (cak)

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