East Java Regional Police Confiscate Nine Super Car Tax Arrears

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-SURABAYA – The East Java Regional Police have seized at least nine luxury cars that are not compliant with taxes and administration. There are luxury cars from the type of Ferrari, McLaren to Lamborghini.

The confiscated super car consisted of four Ferraris, two McLaren, one Jaguar, one Mini Cooper and one Lamborghini. The nine supercars are heavily guarded and protected by car covers.

The operation and seizure of the super car is the aftermath of the burning red-gold Lamborghini on the streets of Surabaya on 8 December 2019. The video was viral on social media. The police found that the luxury car had no official documents and was in arrears.

“There are nine cars, the addition of Lamborghini, which was the case at the Polrestabes yesterday which was on fire,” said an East Java Regional Police Provos officer at the East Java Regional Police Headquarters on Saturday, December 14, 2019 as reported by AFP.

Previously, Head of East Java Regional Police Public Relations Commissioner Frans Barung Mangera said the luxury cars were secured because they were related to official document investigations of luxury vehicles.

“The connection is with official vehicle documents. The cars are suspected of not having legal standing to be on publicly owned roads, namely on the highway,” Barung said on Friday, December 13, 2019.

Even so, Barung did not specify the name of the owner of the cars. He emphasized that East Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General Luki Hermawan would release the case in the near future.(yos)

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