Edgar Presents Two SEA Games Gold Medals for His Deceased Father

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – MALANG – Indonesian wushu athlete Edgar Xavier Marvelo has impressed and proud many parties. Because, he offered two gold to the Red and White Team, in the midst of the mourning atmosphere that was happening to him. Compete after getting word from his father, Lo Tjhiang Meng passed away, he could perform optimally and make Indonesia Raya reverberate at the World Trade Center, Manila, Tuesday (3/12).

Edgar won the final match, in the daoshu/gunshu combined men’s and duilian men’s numbers, along with two other athletes, Harris Horatius and Seraf Naro Siregar.

“2 Gold Medals, for Papa,” Edgar wrote in a photo upload when he received a gold medal in the Philippines, in his Instagram account, @ edgarmarvelo.
Thousands of comments flooded the upload. Edgar himself admitted after the match, if he really promised to offer the 2019 SEA Games gold medal for his father.

“Earlier, before the tool was removed, (I) also spoke to Papa, if I promised I would do this for Papa,” he said after the final match.

He admitted, calling his family when his father was still alive. Meanwhile, his own father was confirmed dead at around 1:00 in the morning.

“I have called mama, tell everyone, I haven’t been able to go home to Indonesia because of a hurricane in the Philippines, maybe it will be tomorrow morning,” Edgar said.

Meanwhile the Secretary General of the Indonesian Wushu Executive Board (PB WI), Ngatino, expressed his appreciation to Edgar who continued to appear in the finals even though his father had just died. Edgar’s sacrifice made PB WI have met the target of two gold medals.

“(Edgar) was down, but Edgar’s struggle paid off with a medal ceremony. Later he was immediately taken to the funeral home. Two of our gold medal targets have been reached. We want more because there are opportunities there. Hopefully we can increase,” Ngatino said . (top)

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