Enjoying the Panorama of Christmas Celebration in the Nile Valley

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-EGYPT – As a country with the largest Muslim population, Egypt has a high level of tolerance against Christian activity. In December, the atmosphere of Christmas was very much felt in Egypt. Towards Christmas, the restaurant is full of Christmas decorations and Christmas greetings: “Id Milad al-Masih al-Majid”.

“Behind the dining table covers of all restaurants there are also leaflets inviting every guest who comes to be grateful for the birth of Jesus,” said KH Husein Muhammad, an alumnus of Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt.

Kiai Husein Muhammad who is also an intellectual friend of KH Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur) tells about beautiful days at the end of December.

“Egypt is a leading Islamic country. Besides the Pyramids, there is the oldest Islamic University in the world and is very well known; Al-Azhar. Originally it was Jami ‘, mosque. Commander of the War, from the Fatimid dynasty of the Shiites, Farar from Sicily. “The builder made the mosque not only a place of prayer, but also a center of learning, such as the function of the Prophet’s mosque,” said Kiai Husein Muhammad, who loved the works of Sufi poets, Jalaluddin Rumi.

Kiai Husein continues the story:

Soon he was transformed into a University (al-Jami’ah). The university has been a center of international Islamic scholarship for over 1000 years and has produced hundreds of thousands of great scholars. Their thoughts and books are a reference for Muslim societies throughout the world throughout time.

In that long period of time, al-Azhar’s religious authority was never disturbed to undermine the enchanting non-Muslim civilization. Today there are around 7000 Indonesian students studying there.

In this country many mosques stand side by side with the church. This shows that coexistence between religions in a respectful relationship takes place in peace.

When Christmas, all the citizens of this country seemed to dissolve in joy together. They show clearly the meaning of togetherness and brotherhood, although with different beliefs and religions.

There is also a kind of tradition in which the highest leaders of Islam and the highest leaders of Christianity congratulate each other and express sympathy on each other’s holidays.

Islamic leaders wish “Merry Christmas” and the highest Christian leaders wish “happy Eid al-Fitr”. They remain in each other’s beliefs and beliefs.
Grand Sheikh Al-Azhar, the supreme leader of Islam, is always present at the Christian (Coptic) Christmas celebration there. This is an important moment for the embodiment of human brotherhood, and national peace and respect for all kinds of differences.

Al-Sheikh Al-Akbar Al Azhar University, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Al Tayeb. Two days before Christmas, visited the Coptic Church Cathedral to be friendly with the Supreme Coptic Leader, Pope Tawadrous II, who by the people of Egypt called him Baba Tawadrous.

“In fact the pilgrimage to the Kaderal is to wish Merry Christmas to Baba Tawadrous and the Coptic brothers,” said the Sheikh, widely broadcast by the media in the Middle East.

“With my sincere heart I wish Merry Christmas to Baba Tawadrous, and best wishes for all Coptic brothers in commemoration of Christmas,” he wrote.

The supreme leader of Al Azhar also alluded to the closeness of relations and joint steps in supporting a sense of brotherhood and unity.

The situation above does not only occur in Egypt, but also in other Islamic countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey and others.

Merry Christmas to Christians. Peace in heart, Peace in earth. May the love between humans be established forever, throughout the ages.

That is the story of KH Husein Muhammad, about Christmas in Egypt. Quoted NusaDaily.com, from his facebook account, as a testimony and personal experience. (yad)

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