Fighting, Police Shoot Dead Narcotics Dealer in East Jakarta

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – JAKARTA – Police officers from Unit II of the Narcotics Sub-Directorate of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police Directorate General were forced to shoot a drug dealer, who was known to distribute 1.5 kilogram of methamphetamine drug in the jurisdiction of the Metro Jaya Regional Police.

Head of Metro Jaya Police Public Relations, Senior Commissioner Pol Yusri Yunus, said, Buser was forced to take firm and measured action to the suspect with the initials BH because it endangered officers in the field.

“When the investigation was being developed, the suspect tried to fight the officers by pointing a homemade firearm,” Yusri told reporters at Kramat Jati Police Hospital, East Jakarta, Tuesday, December 10, 2019.

Yusri explained, the police asked BH to indicate the location where he stored drugs in his residence, Jalan ZZ, No. 27, Karang Tengah Sub-District, Kramat Jati District, East Jakarta.

But the suspect suddenly showed no evidence, BH instead took an improvised gun that was previously stored in a tree, precisely in a garden not far from his home. So in accordance with the standard operational procedure (SOP), the police warned with 2 shots in the air.

“But BH is still pointing the senpi towards the officer,” he explained.
Yusri continued, the police finally fired at BH and bullets stabbed in the chest, until the suspect fell down causing BH to lose a lot of blood, and was rushed to the hospital.

“The suspect was given help and was taken to the Kramat Jati Police Hospital, East Jakarta, but on the way the suspect died,” explained Yusri.(dan)

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