Five Outfits To Look Stylish in the Rainy Season

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-MALANG- The rainy season has arrived! Don’t let the rain get in the way of your activities, fashion lovers. During the rainy season, you must keep your body warm, so you don’t catch a cold.

Let’s dismantle the closet again, collect jackets, sweaters, and other warm clothes. Worried that the monsoon outfit looks old and boring?

Relax, has summarized fashion ideas that are suitable for you to look stylish during the rainy season.


Sweater (Pinterest)

Apparently the sweater has become a mainstay in winter and rainy season. Besides being warm, knitted sweaters are very comfortable to wear in all activities. Another plus, sweaters are never wrongly matched with any outfit.

In order to look even better, you can choose brightly colored sweaters. Pair with jeans, culottes, or different colored skirts. Coupled with boots or sneakers. You’re ready to look cool without fear of being cold.


Blazer (The Style Stalker)

Blazers are usually known as outfits that seem official. But actually you can also wear a blazer anytime, anywhere, especially during the rainy season.

Blazers can give you a more mature look, decisive, tough, luxurious, while helping you to stay warm. You can mix a blazer with straight-colored pants or mini dress, to eliminate the impression of being too formal.


Jumpsuit (The Style Stalker)

Jumpsuit is actually clothing that is made for skydivers so that they are protected from cold temperatures at high altitudes. Now, jumsuit has penetrated into everyday fashion. For those of you who like a sporty and simple look, this Jumpsuit is the right choice.

Especially in the rainy season, you should avoid oversized clothes or patterned ribbons and lace, because you will have difficulty if you want to wear a raincoat or umbrella. Outfit choices like Jumpsuit make you more free to move when it rains instantly. Jumpsuit is also suitable for formal and informal events.


Denim (cometrend)

Surely many of you have and keep a denim jacket. The rainy season is the right time to go back to wearing this one mainstay outfit.

Denim jacket is very safe to be combined with other fashion items. Jeans, shirts, long, short skirts, fabric pants, whatever you have is still okay with a denim jacket. You can combine styles while still feeling warm.


Hoodie (pinterest)

Hoodie jackets can save you from extreme weather this rainy season. Although it looks masculine, but with the right mix you can still look feminine.

Try matching with turtleneck shirts, jeans and long boots. You can also wear a hoodie jacket with shorts. Combine with short heels and long socks to look more stylish.

Are you ready to be stylish in the rainy season? Do not forget to also prepare an umbrella or raincoat wherever you go, fashion lovers. (lna)

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