Five Sumatran Tiger Hunters Arrested in Riau

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-RIAU – The practice of hunting Sumatran tigers (Panthera tigris sumatrae) is apparently still continuing. That fact was revealed after the Law Enforcement Agency of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) of the Sumatra region along with police arrested five Sumatran tiger hunters in Riau, Saturday, December 7, 2019.

Of the five hunters, joint officers confiscated four tiger fetuses and a piece of adult tiger skin.

Head of the Sumatra Regional Law Enforcement Center Eduward Hutapea in Pekanbaru said, from the arrests made on Saturday morning, the combined officers confiscated four tiger fetuses and adult tiger skin organs.

“There are four tiger fetuses stored in jars and one sheet of adult tiger skin,” Eduward said as reported by Antara.

Eduward explained that the arrest was the result of an in-depth investigation related to information on Sumatran tiger poaching in the Pelalawan Regency, Riau.

Initial information was obtained from the community. Then KLHK and Polri followed up with information gathering and mapping.

As a result, on Saturday at 06.00 WIB, officers moved to Teluk Binjai Village, Teluk Meranti District, Pelalawan Regency. At that location, officers arrested three suspects MY, SS and E (MY wife).

“Four baby fetuses were found from the three perpetrators,” he said.
From the arrest of the three perpetrators, the officers returned to development. As a result, two other perpetrators successfully arrested. The last two actors are SS and TS. Both were arrested on Jalan Lintas Timur, Pelalawan.

“Then from the two perpetrators were seized an adult tiger skin,” he said.
Eduward explained that the officers had not yet provided detailed information on how the hunting was carried out by the perpetrators and their modus operandi.

The perpetrators and the evidence were then transported to the Balai Gakkum KSDA Riau Office.

The perpetrators are threatened with Article 40 Paragraph 2 Jo. Article 21 Paragraph 2 Letter d of Law No. 5 of 1990 concerning Conservation of Living Natural Resources and Ecosystems. The maximum threat of imprisonment is 5 years and a fine of Rp100 million.

Sumatran tigers are classified as critically endangered in the red list of threatened species released by the IUCN World Conservation Institute.
The estimated wild population is between 400-500, mainly living in national parks in Sumatra.

Destruction of habitats is the biggest threat to the current population. Including poaching. Logging continues even in national parks that are supposed to be protected. (Antara/yos)

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