Giving Money to Beggars in Beijing Can Be Via Mobile

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-Beijing- The digital world has developed rapidly from several sectors, including financial. Not a few people who move to make transactions from cash to switch to digital devices (non-cash). Such as transactions via m-banking provided by the bank or transactions using a digital wallet.

Until now, many businesses have provided transactions through digital devices. Not only that, even beggars do not want to miss to follow the development of this kind of modern transactions.

In China, precisely in Beijing, beggars now have necklace technology with a digital wallet barkot. So even though they don’t have cash, people who want to donate a little money can send it through a digital wallet.

This is known from the posting of Facebook user Fazil Irwan who shared a photo on Wednesday (11/27/2019).

In this post, he told about a beggar who was asking for a donation to one of his friends. When his friend said that she did not have cash, the beggar immediately offered the barkot put on his neck.

“It’s okay, you can pay through WeChat,” the beggar said.

Fazil’s friend also transferred some money to the beggar.

Until now, Fazil Irwan’s Facebook post has been liked by 24 thousand Facebook users. He also received 3.6 thousand comments and was shared 17 thousand times.

The post became even busier because the Beijing media also reported it. (mel)

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从2019年11月27日星期三发布的一个Facebook用户Fazil Irwan共享照片可以知道这一点。




到目前为止,Fazil Irwan的Facebook帖子已被24,000名Facebook用户所喜欢。他还收到了3.6千条评论,并被分享了17,000次。

该帖子变得更加繁忙,因为北京媒体也对此进行了报道。 (mel)

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