Groundwater Surface Declines, Water Crisis Begins in Bandung

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – BANDUNG – Water crisis occurred in several areas of Bandung. A total of 12 sub-districts in the city of Bandung are now threatened with water shortages, due to the decline in groundwater levels which reaches 60 to 80 percent every year.

Head of Bandung City Water, Land and Biological Conservation Agency Salman Faruq said, excessive use of ground water caused the decline in groundwater.

“In West Java there are many CATs (groundwater basins). The Bandung-Soreang CAT is a critical one, every year 60-80 percent (the decrease),” Salman told reporters as reported by

According to him, his party is also trying to anticipate the groundwater crisis will increase in the coming years. He said the government had tried to make infiltration wells in the faithful of the subdistricts and schools.

“Every year we make 7 to 10 deep absorption wells. The budget is around Rp. 400 million,” he explained.

Hopefully, the infiltration well will be able to accommodate rainwater with a depth of 20 to 60 meters. Thus, the collected water can minimize the water crisis in Bandung.

Not only that, according to him, the government will also issue a circular to businesses to participate in harvesting rainwater. He hoped that the circular could become the regulation of the Mayor of Bandung.

“Hopefully this is the first step for businesses to implement rain water harvesting,” he concluded. (kum/top)

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