IBU Dissected Sukarno’s Thoughts, Thousands of Students were Amazed

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-MALANG – Sit on the floor. But fun and full of knowledge. It happened at Campus C Ikip Budi Utomo (IBU) Saturday (11/30), during the event of Dissecting the Thoughts of Sukarno, RI’s first president.

Because until now, the foundations of Indonesia’s development, many refer to the work of men born in Blitar East Java. It was explained, studying Soekarno’s mindset, as an effort to make students compatible with the changing times. Said Nurcholis Sunuyeko Rector of IBU when opening the event.

” So by dissecting Sukarno’s thoughts, we are not just holding a historical discussion. More than that, we learn how the first President could become the most influential figure. To be compatible with the times, you must know how Sukarno was. Because many events at this time, is a scenario prepared in the past, ” said IKIP Rector Budi Utomo, Dr. H Nurcholis Sunuyeko.

History Workshop, with the theme dissecting Sukarno’s Thought, held by IKIP Budi Utomo Historical Education and Sociology Study Program. Take place on campus C, Jalan Citandui. Followed by thousands of students from various faculties.

Why Soekarno? According to the Chancellor, Bung Karno – as Soekarno used to be called – was not just a national figure. But it’s legendary to foreign countries. His ability to master nine languages ​​enabled Bung Karno to interact with the international world. In the midst of Indonesia’s limitations at that time.

Naturally, if Soekarno’s mindset affected the subsequent Presidents. Including Suharto, who became his successor President.

” Two influential presidents in Indonesia, Sukarno and Suharto. Both of them lay the foundation of this nation. Apart from the negative side that accompanies, ” continued Nurcholis.

However, Nurcholis requested that when studying Soekarno’s mindset, we must continue to prioritize Academic thinking. Not only based on love, which can actually close neutrality and science.

” Soekarno was only born once and irreplaceable. But other thinkers, with the color of Sukarno, will continue to be born, ” he continued.

Besides Nucholis, while Dr. Ibnu Mujib, hoped, after dissecting Sukarno’s thoughts, the workshop would continue by dissecting the thoughts of other figures to broaden the students’ insights. (*)

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