Jakarta Police Chief Leads Handover Position, West Jakarta Police Chief Now Commissioner Yulius Audie Sonny Latuheru

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – JAKARTA – Metro Jaya Regional Police Chief Inspector General Gatot Eddy Pramono once again handed over the position of 5 Officers in the Metro Jaya Regional Police jurisdiction.

The Regional Police Chief, who immediately led the Sertijab event, took place in the Second Floor Hall of the Promoter Building, Thursday, December 19, 2019.

This two-star High Officer (Pati) says many thanks to officials who have been loyal in their service so far.

“Basically, the old officials conveyed their gratitude for carrying out their duties in the Metro Jaya Regional Police. I work with all my colleagues, morning and night we work to implement and maintain peace in Jakarta, “said Gatot.

Not to forget Gatot advised the newly appointed officials to make the impression of extraordinary work. Likewise, the old official had to work diligently for the sake of service to the nation and state.

“Be the best wherever we work. Goodbye to the old officials safely served in the new place, to the new officials, welcome to the Jakarta Police, “said Gatot.
The following officials were handed over namely:

  1. Position of the Head of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police Headquarters, from Commissioner John Carles Edison Nababan, to Police Commissioner Johannes R. Manalu, who previously served as Kaden B of Propam Polri’s Pamam Div Div. Chief Commissioner of the Republic of Indonesia John Carles Edison Nababan, was transferred as an Intermediate Analyst at the Propam Polri Paminal Division in the context of Dik Sespimti.
  2. Position of TIK Head of Metro Jaya Regional Police, handed over from Police Commissioner Sugeng Hariyanto, to Police Commissioner Sigit Dedy Purwadi, who previously served as Head of ICT in East Java Regional Police. Police Commissioner Sugeng Hariyanto, was transferred as Tangerang City Police Chief.
  3. The position of Dir Samapta Polda Metro Jaya, was handed over from Commissioner Pol Edison, to Police Commissioner Mokhamad Ngajib, who previously served as Dir Director of Central Sulawesi Regional Police Binmas. Pol Commissioner Edison, mutated as Kabaganev Robinopsnal Baharkam Polri.
  4. The position of Head of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police SPN, handed over from Commissioner Pol Yulius Audie Sonny Latuheru, to Police Commissioner Aloysius Suprijadi, who previously served as Head of the Riau Islands Police SPN, Commissioner Yulius Audie Sonny Latuheru, was transferred as Chief of West Jakarta Metro Police.
  5. The position of Coorspripim of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police, handed over from Commissioner Teuku Arsya Khadafi, to Commissioner Faisal Febriantoro who previously served as Kanit 2 Subdit 1 Dit Reskrimsus Metro Jaya Police. Kompol Teuku Arsya Khadafi, was transferred as PS Kasat Reskrim West Jakarta Metro Police. (dan)

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