La Nyalla Mentioned Anticipation of Global Economic Slowdown Needs to be Guarded Together

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – JAKARTA – Chairman of the DPD RI A.A La Nyalla Mahmud Mattalitti said President Joko Widodo’s administration program, which is serious in overcoming and anticipating a slowdown in the global economy, should be guarded together so that it can certainly be implemented in the regions as soon as possible.

La Nyalla revealed, among them is the de-regulation and simplification of regulations whose esteem removes obstacles in the business and investment world.

“Because, if the slowdown in the world economy is not anticipated to have a social impact, because it will give rise to inequalities and the threat of unemployment,” La Nyalla told reporters in Jakarta, Tuesday (12/10/2019).
He explained, this serious matter was thought by the government, and this was not easy, if not both guarded in the regions. Because if this is successful, the positive impact will also be enjoyed by the region.

“Because economic growth in the region will be stable or even increase,” he said.

The Chairman of the DPD RI, who is also a businessman, invites all Community Leaders and Indigenous Leaders and organizational activists while in Lampung to work together in ensuring development goes on and brings benefits to the region. The meeting was held at Begadang Restaurant, Jl. Diponegoro, Bandar Lampung, Monday (12/09/2019) night.

Four Senators from Lampung, Abdul Hakim, Jihan Nurlela, Bustami Zainudin, and Ahmad Bastian were attending the event. Also present was Assistant II for Lampung’s economic field Taufik Hidayat, Chairman of the Lampung Community Communication Forum Rycko Menoza and a number of other community leaders, including former Lampung Deputy Governor H. Syubki Harun.

La Nyalla added, he and the Senators from Lampung, would ensure that all central government programs, which if accompanied together with the government in the region, would produce benefits for the people in the region.

“Because we are actually working for the interests of the region. We at the center represent the area. So I hope to the leaders in Lampung, let us guard government policies, especially in the economic sector, “he concluded.
Meanwhile, representing Lampung Traditional Figure H Syubki Harun appreciated the arrival of the Chairman of the DPD RI in Bumi Ruwai Jurai.

He is happy that national figures want to embrace the people of Lampung. “We hope that the DPD RI can continue to work together with the people of Lampung,” said Syubki.(dan)

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