Mystery Still Covers the Murder of Medan District Court Judge Jamaluddin

NUSADAILY.COM-MEDAN – Almost a week, the mystery of the death of a judge who is also a Public Relations Medan District Court, Jamaluddin SH MH never resolved. Police are still steeped in the alleged murder of 55-year-old judge.

Judge Jamaluddin SH MH was found dead in his car, November 29, 2019 ago. The car was found by residents inside a ravine of an oil palm plantation. Police suspect Jamaluddin was killed. For one thing, there was a suspicious wound on his neck. The body was also found supine on the passenger seat. Even though he drove his own car.

North Sumatra Police who formed a joint team was examining at least 20 witnesses. Including analyzing the results of the autopsy of the body.

From the autopsy results, it is certain Jamaluddin was not killed with poison. The certainty was said directly by North Sumatra Police Chief, Inspector General Agus Andrianto.

According to this two-star general, the results of a forensic examination showed Jamaluddin died not because he was poisoned. This is proven by gastric examination. “Yes, it was purely killed,” Agus said, Thursday 5 December 2019.

Police Chief Agus explained, from the forensic results, in the stomach of the Medan District Court judge only caffeine and cough medicine were found. Before being found dead, Jamaluddin’s condition was ensured under normal circumstances. “Not drunk, and not poisoned,” he said.

Although Jamaluddin has stated that he died because he was killed, the Kapolda was reluctant to talk about the cause of his death. The Kapolda emphasized that until now his team was still working on examining evidence. There were already 22 witnesses examined.

“Please pray, the members are still working. From the Dirkrimum and Medan Polrestabes currently working,” he said.

Agus said, for the disclosure of this case will be traced from when the victim was found dead. Then according to the laboratory examination, then linked to the testimony of witnesses who saw him before he died.

“The victim died between 12 to 20 hours. We will trace from there, be patient,” he said.

Regarding the estimated time of death between 12 to 20 hours earlier, the police investigated the information of Jamaluddin’s wife, Zuraida Hanum. Because Judge Jamaluddin was found by residents around 15:00 WIB. About 10 hours after he left home.

Quoted from serambinews, Zuraida said that Jamaluddin left home at 05.00 WIB. Zuraida said all the equipment such as clothes, shoes and office equipment had been prepared in the car.

However, said Zuraida, she had suggested to the husband to be accompanied to go to the airport. But the husband did not want because it was morning. The deceased also said that after going to the airport, he would go directly to the Medan District Court office.

“I don’t know who he will meet. He didn’t tell me who he wanted to meet,” she said in interviews with a number of reporters at the funeral home, Nagan Raya, after her husband’s funeral procession on Saturday 30 November 2019 evening.

Jamaluddin is a resident of the Johor Building Village, Medan Johor District, Medan City. The Medan District Court judge was found dead in a palm oil plantation owned by residents in Hamlet II Namo Bintang, Suka Dame Village, Kutalimbaru District, Deli Serdang, Friday, 29 November 2019 at around 15:00.

When first discovered, Jamaluddin’s body was in a black Toyota Land Cruiser Prado BK 77 HD car. His body was rigidly supine on the seat of car number two, and his position tilted with his face toward the front.

The body of the Medan District Court judge was autopsy at the North Sumatra Regional Police Hospital, St. KH Wahid Hasyim, Medan City. His body was then taken to be buried in his hometown, in Nagan Raya, Aceh, Saturday, November 30, 2019. (yos)

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