Nasi Lemang, Guerrilla Friend of the Banyuwangi Osing Tribe

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – BANYUWANGI – Banyuwangi is an eastern part of the island of Java which is very famous for its unique culinary diversity, one of which is Nasi Lemang.

Nasi Lemang is a typical meal of the Osing tribe of Banjar Village, Licin District, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java.

Reporting from, Tuesday (3/12/19), for the Osing tribe community in the village of Banjar, Nasi Lemang is not just about food, but a manifestation of the story of the struggle of the ancestors that must be enshrined.

In ancient times, Nasi Lemang was used as a provision for warriors during the war against Dutch colonialism. Armed with Sego Lemang (Nasi Lemang), they went to the jungle of the Banjar Village area.

“Historically, most Banjar people used to go to the forest. Travel a long way, you have to bring rice and salt, others to look for in the forest. Initiative cooking in bamboo, “said tourism activist Banyuwangi Badi, to the Tribunnews team on Sunday (11/30/19).

The process of making Banjar Banyuwangi Nasi Lemang (

How to make Lemak Rice

Quoted from, making Nasi Lemang is fairly easy. First, rice that has been washed and then given seasoning. Such as lemongrass, bay leaves and orange leaves. To get a savory taste in rice, fresh coconut milk is added.

Similar to making Nasi Uduk, all of these ingredients are cooked together until cooked. But, Harisun, one of the makers of the Lemang Rice Village in Banjar village, said that there were secret spices which he could not yet share. According to him, this is the secret of ancestral cooking which he deliberately kept secret.

“The ingredients of the spices are soaked and continue to be cooked together. But this is the secret spice,” said Harisun to the team while laughing lightly.

So that the Lemang Rice could be more delicious, Harisun added the minced tuna and chicken meat filling to it. After that, all the ingredients are wrapped in banana leaves.

The wrapped Nasi Lemang is put into bamboo and then burned in the fireplace for 4 hours. The baking process is what makes the Nasi Lemang can last for 5 days, so it is very fitting for the warriors beforehand to make this food as a provision during the war. (tbn/dtc/has)

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