New York Mosque Imam Warns Society About Sharia Indonesia LLC

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-NEWYORK – The emergence of sharia investment companies from the United States, Syariah Indonesia LLC (Sinergy Stern Investindo group (SSI)) deserves caution. At least it was a warning from the high priest of the mosque in New York from Indonesia, Shamsi Ali.

This New York Muslim figure from Indonesia uploaded via Twitter the irregularities of the Sharia Indonesia company LLC (Sinergy Stern Investindo group (SSI)) led by Hartadinata Harianto.

Shamsi Ali gave a warning via WhatsApp and Twitter broadcasts on Thursday 12 December 2019.

Shamsi said the Hartadinata company, Syariah Indonesia LLC from the Sinergy Stern Investindo (SSI) company had built up lies in Indonesia.

There are at least three irregularities in the company according to Shamsi:

Date of Establishment of the Company.

To the council, Shamsi Ali said Hartadinata had established four companies with a address in New York. Based on searches on the website of New York City, the four companies were created in the near future.

“The companies were registered in almost the same time. In fact, only two were intermittent in a day, December 10 and 11, 2018,” Shamsi said.
For Indonesian Sharia LLC companies listed in New York in August 2019. Shamsi said, it’s easy to register a company in the US, as long as it has social security. Can go through the Department of Commerce’s website or to an accountant. “We can have a company name and sell it to people,” Shamsi said.

According to Shamsi, the formation of these companies in the near future is suspicious. He said, the four companies could be used as bait for investors in Indonesia.

Fake Address

Another irregularity that the address used by the company according to Shamsi is fake. The New York address listed on theĀ SSInvestindo.comĀ site is a Thai restaurant based on Google Map search. Shamsi said he would come to the location soon.

“The office we are looking for does not exist. The company he listed has no real business in the field. The address listed on the registration is the address of the agent who helped him register. The telephone number is also not working. The address is also the NJ address, it is a Thai restaurant,” Shamsi said.

In Indonesia, SSI has an office in Plaza Simatupang, St. TB Simatupang, South Jakarta. Kumparan found that there was indeed an office, but was only greeted by a receptionist.

He said Hartadinata was in New York. Director of SSI Ismail R Harahap was also not in the office. Personal contacts of the two SSI leaders were not given.

Fraud History

Shamsi felt the need to reveal the irregularities because Harianto’s family had a history of fraud before. Even Shamsi was one of the victims.

To the Kumparan, Shamsi claimed to be a victim of investment fraud Hartadinata’s father, Richard Harianto. The incident, said Shamsi, occurred in 2005 when Richard offered the development of an Indonesian TV channel in America.

“It was very interesting to talk and the proposal he made, I gave him USD 4,500 (Rp. 62 million),” said Shamsi. The money was never returned.

Shamsi felt the need to speak out when the company began to explore Indonesia and try to enter the Syariah business. This also led Shamsi to find out about the company and its address.

“Now enter the pesantren, sell sharia, find investors, etc. to make it easier to sell the name for Muslim communities who are passionate about sharia today,” said the religious leader born in Sulawesi. (diolah dari kumparan/yos)

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