News about the Prohibition of installing Christmas Attributes Emerged, Hotels in Banyuwangi Disputed

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM РBANYUWANGI РAhead of the celebration of the Christian holiday, Christmas on December 25, 2019, on social media the news circulated about the appeal of the police in Banyuwangi to hotels not to put up Christmas attributes. Information said that if the Kalipuro police chief made the appeal. However, this is certainly not happening, because the hotel manager did not get the ban.

Hotels in Banyuwangi said there was not a single ban or appeal from the police that prohibited the hotel business from putting on Christmas attributes.

“Nothing at all. There were no letters from the police, nor were there police officers who came to our hotel to convey the ban on putting up Christmas attributes. And like in previous years, our hotel also has the attribute of Christmas. “Evelyn Mey Fanny, Public Relations Hotel Santika Banyuwangi, told reporters on Wednesday (11/12) as reported by¬†

In fact, he said, his party has prepared Christmas decorations this week because it is getting closer to the Christmas moment.

Also at other religious holidays, we attach appropriate attributes. This is to respect guests and tourists who are of different religions,

The statement was not much different from the GM Secretary of Hotel Illira Banyuwangi, Niken Fajar Andini. He said, there was no such prohibition.

“There is no prohibition on Christmas attributes in our hotel. In Banyuwangi, harmony and tolerance are really good. We were surprised to find out that the police had given a ban. In fact, there is no prohibition at all, “explained Niken.

GM Villa Solong Banyuwangi Imam Solehan also stated there was no prohibition from the police to put up the Christmas attribute. On the contrary, the police and the whole body reminded that tolerance should be maintained, by giving banners greeting as in previous years.

“In fact there are police and urban village residents to remind again that our hotel put up a Christmas greeting banner as we used to do before,” said Imam. (kum/top)

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