Novel Still Hopes Jokowi Handles Case of Attack on Him

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM РJAKARTA РSenior KPK investigator, Novel Baswedan still has hope in President Jokowi, to be able to uncover the attack case against him. He believes in the promise of the president who will seriously handle his case.

The attack on the novel has not yet been revealed. It has been more than two years, the police have not conveyed significant developments related to the mastermind behind the attack.

“I have also heard that the President has given the green light, apparently. I think what the President has said, we must believe, if we don’t believe, who else can we trust,” Novel said without elaborating on the meaning of his words at Ciputra Artpreneur, South Jakarta, Sunday (8/12) as reported by¬†

Meanwhile, related to the replacement of Kabareskrim as the head of the technical team to disclose the case, Novel said that it had no effect. Because, whoever the officials are, they should be able to uncover the case.

Previously, Inspector General Pol Listyo Sigit was rotated as the Police Kabareskrim to fill the position left by General Idham Azis who is now the National Police Chief. Idham Azis previously served as chairman of the Novel Task Force.

“It should be the Chief of Police, whoever the officials are supposed to carry out, hopefully,” he said.

“Hopefully Pak Sigit also has the seriousness and courage, because of course this problem is right, I suspect there is a connection with people who have a position. But not because of this problem, we blame the interests of humanity, the interests of civilization, the interests of defending the nation and state, “he continued.

Mentioned about Jokowi who plans to call the National Police on Monday (9/12) related to the continuation of his case, Novel claimed he did not know anything. However, he hopes with four times given time by Jokowi, the National Police can immediately catch the Novel attacker. (kum/top)

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