Chaotic Passenger Seat Number, Citilink Halim-Malang is Delayed

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-MALANG-Due to chaotic passenger seat numbers, the Citilink QG 164 from Halim Perdana Kusuma to Malang was delayed on Thursday afternoon (5/12). Since arriving at the airport to check in, passengers only get boarding passes like tickets, without seat numbers. The boardingpass itself is only given to passengers when they want to enter the bus to the plane.

“Sorry, I’ll ask for the seat number at Gate 6, sir, the computer can’t,” the clerk checked in while giving a boardingpass sheet like a ticket.

After getting boardingpass, it turned out that the problem was not over. A number of passenger seats are chaotic. Some even stood up to wait for the seat number given by the cabin crew. The plane that was supposed to depart from Halim Perdana Kusuma at 12:25 WIB, delayed to 12.44 WIB.

“Anyway, we have to sit in one seat,” said one of the mothers who carried the child in a rather loud tone to the cabin crew.

The atmosphere of the cabin itself does look chaotic. Tension appears on the face of the cabin crew. Because they have to relieve some of the passengers who complain and ask questions. The ground handling officer had to get on the plane to arrange the passengers. The seat number is indeed chaotic, even a number of passengers sitting in the front are asked to move to the back.

“Sorry, the computer is down, please be patient,” said the cabin crew to calm the passengers.

Some passengers were also called one by one on the plane. A passenger beside actually had a chance to say a bit funny. “It’s like a bus passenger, it’s not clear where to sit,” he said, smiling.

Meanwhile, the busy shifting of passenger seats is increasingly striking. There are passengers in the back who already slept too forced to have to move to the front.

“Just wake up,” said the ground handling officer who also went up.

Citilink even gave an apology through a loudspeaker for the chaos. Even though it was a bit chaotic because the passengers seemed uncomfortable, the cabin crew could handle the situation. Even though Citilink is heading to Malang, it must be too late to leave. When landing in Malang, the schedule was also delayed 18 minutes. The day is 14.00 to 14.18. and the problem was not over yet. Passengers who move seats have to jostle with other passengers, because the bag is still in the old seat.

“This is not known, was told to sit there (front), but then moved to the back, the bag is still in front,” I am one of the passengers to (cak)

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