Rare species of Rafflesia are found in West Sumatra

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – LUBUK BASUNG – A rare flower of Rhizanthes lowii type found in the Lake Maninjau area, Kabuak, Nagari Matua Mudiak, Lubuk Basung, North Sumatra.

The Agam Resort Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA) said the Rhizanthes lowii flowers were found in large numbers and in various sizes.
One of the Agam Resort BKSDA officers, Ade Putra said that previously had found a flower that was still in the family of Rafflesia (Rafflesia) a few weeks earlier.

“We also found Rhizanthes lowii flowers after the perfect bloom phase a few weeks ago, because the petals were already black. Around the location we also found corpses of Amorphophallus variabilis variabilis type six vegetative and two were in full bloom,” he said, Sunday (12/22) .

The discovery began when BKSDA traced the existence of Rafflesia Flowers in the Lake Maninjau area. BKSDA received reports from residents that similar flowers were found in the same location.

This rare flower was found growing on a plant root. Previous findings are in Kubu, Jorong Panji, Nagari Maninjau, Tanjungraya District and Simpang Dingin Data, Nagari Paninjau, Tanjungraya District.

“This is our third discovery,” continued Ade.

Rhizanthes lowii has similar physical characteristics with Rafflesia flowers, which do not have stems, roots, leaves, and chlorophyll. These plants are classified as parasitic plants, because they cannot carry out photosynthesis and depend on the host for food.

Rafflesia family used to live in an area with an altitude of 500-1300 meters above sea level. In West Sumatra itself is known to have grown Rhizanthes deceptor, Rhizanthes lowii and Rhizanthes infanticida. Habitat destruction threatens the preservation of this rare flower species.(lna/ant)

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