Splashy Settlement Invaded by Cobra Snakes, This How to Overcome Snake Attack

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-JAKARTA-The news of the Cobra Snake terror that haunts several regions in Indonesia lately has attracted the attention of environmental activists. One of them is from the Ciliwung Depok Community (KCD), which is often engaged in environmental conservation around the river.

KCD has released education about the appearance of snakes in the middle of residential areas. According to KCD information, basically snakes do not disturb humans. On the contrary, snakes are the ones who fear the presence of humans around their habitat.

Many snakes appear in the population and factory areas because of their diminishing habitat. To connect the food chain, Snake finally had to find another habitat that is inhabited by rats, one of the centers is a residential population. The existence of snake predators, such as eagles, owls and monitor lizards, is also getting smaller.

Moreover, November, December, and January are the snake hatch cycles. In the rainy season, underground snake nests are too wet, so Snakes choose to move to the surface.

Snakes like moist and lush places. Stacks of tools such as wood, cardboard, twigs, cloth, to zinc are also a favorite home of this cold-blooded animal.
Keep in mind, snakes will not go if given salt, magic chalk, or camphor. But Snakes don’t like the smell of insecticide. Snakes also have difficulty if they have to pass through rough surfaces such as fibers because it will hurt their skin.

To find out where a snake has inhabited, we only need to check the snake’s scales or solid black snake droppings. Certain snakes also produce runny white droppings similar to bird droppings.

Types of venomous snakes can appear at any time. High poisonous snakes often appear in the afternoon starting at 3 pm until after evening. If bitten by a high poisonous snake, blood will come out a little. While snake bites are not poisonous, it actually bleeds a lot of blood.

So what should be done when meeting Snake?

The first thing is not to make any movements, aka being silent. Snakes can read the fast movements of objects in front of him. Next, observe the direction of Snake’s movement. Snakes will not catch up if they do not feel threatened.

Third, when the Snake starts moving away, immediately contact the party that is able to catch the Snake. In this case, KCD can also assist the process of catching Snakes.

If you dare, take a bucket or other object that looks like it to close the snake. When closing, the object is directed slowly from the direction of the Snake’s head.

If it is bitten by a Cobra Snake, first aid must be done immediately. The Cobra Snake bite does not produce much blood, but feels hot and burning.

First, position the affected part of the Cobra Snake bite lower than the position of the heart. For example the bite is right in the hand, then point the hand down.

Second, cloth bite marks. You can also tie it not too tightly near the bite to prevent Snake Venue from circulating fast.

Third, you should immediately go to the nearest hospital so that you can get immediate medical help. Make sure the Snake bite victim drinks plenty of water, milk and honey. Victims must also stay awake.

Snake venom can radiate from a distance of two meters. If exposed to the eyes, immediately rinse with running water because the Snake Can crystallize in seconds.

The community can also begin to prevent the existence of Snakes in settlements in several ways, including:

  1. Clean the house and the environment from piles
  2. Closing mouse holes (can be traced upstream, because rats like to make branching holes)
  3. Covering water holes, gutters, and bathroom holes with steel wire or knob steel cover.
  4. Cut and trim the tree branches so as not to touch the ceiling of the house. Snakes can spread through tree branches near the settlement.
  5. Give the front and rear doors, and under the window with rugged plastic fibers/doormats
  6. Provide insect spray to test the presence of snakes in the corner of the house or warehouse before dismantling or picking up tools.
  7. Provide a bucket for snake cover in an easily accessible place.(kcd/lna)

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