Strange, Sukuh Temple Made by Javanese, But Similar to Mayan Buildings

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – MALANG – The Sukuh Temple Complex on the slopes of Mount Lawu Karanganyar in Central Java occupies an area of ​​5,500 m2. The temple consists of three terraces. At first glance this temple looks like a Mayan worship building in Mexico. Then is there a connection between the Javanese at that time with the Maya in Mexico that are very far away? About that no one knows. Why is Sukuh Temple called similar to the Mayan worship building? Indeed, from the general form of the main temple there are similarities, but the structure of the details may be different.

In Sukuh Temple, the main gate and other gates lead to each terrace and the main building faces west, in contrast to the temples in Central Java which generally face east. The three terraces are split in two right in the middle by stones arranged to form the road leading to the next terrace gate.

The gate leading to the first terrace is the paduraksa gate, which is the gate that is equipped with a roof. The doorway of the gate is decorated with sculptures when it has a long beard. On the north wing wall of the gate there is a relief depicting a person who is running while biting the snake’s tail which is coiling. According to K.C. Cruq, the sculpture is a sengkalan (the code of the year) which is read by the blind archway and the tail (a giant gate that bites the snake’s tail).

Sengkalan is interpreted as the year 1359 Saka or 1437 AD, which is believed to be the year of completion of the construction of this temple. Above the figure is a sculpture depicting a human-like creature that is floating and a reptile.

On the south wing of the gate there is a relief of a figure who is swallowed by a giant. The sculpture is also a passage that is read blind gate manganese wong, which means a giant gate eating humans. The intercalation is interpreted as the number 1359 Saka or 1437 AD, the same as the truncation on the north wing wall of the gate.(aka)

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