The Amungme Ancestors in Papua Apparently Knew The Mountain that is Mining by Freeport is the Special Mountain

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM-MALANG – Long before PT Freeport conducted gold mining on Mount Nemang Kawi, the ancestors of the Amungme tribe who inhabited the mountains knew that the mountain was indeed special. Because it is so special, they call it the holy mountain Nemang Kawi.

Nemang means arrow and kawi means holy, so Nemang Kawi is a holy arrow or with a meaning free from war or peace. It is possible that warfare often occurs in the region and for peace.

The Amungme Tribe is called the Amungsa. Does the Amungme tribe also know if in the area store gold? There is a possibility that the population there also knows. But do not yet know how to take it. What is clear is they really glorify the mountain.

Citing, so far the Amungme Tribe is very much bound to their ancestral lands. They consider the surrounding mountains a sacred place. The mountain which was used as gold mining by PT. Freeport was a sacred mountain which was highly exalted.

The Amungme tribe has a population of tens of thousands of people and live in the highlands of Papua. They have a very unique way of running a shifting farm and hunting and gathering activities. (aka)

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