These are the Two Regions in Java that Have the Most Horrible Magic

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – MALANG – Watch out, don’t mess with the Indonesian people. Because these tribes have mystical powers that are said to be very terrible. Although it is already in modern times, but mystical science such as witchcraft is reportedly still often used by someone to achieve goals. As for seeking fortune, treatment, ask for a mate to kill.

Well, in Indonesia there are tribes believed to have terrible mysticism. Especially for Java, which is famous for its occult arts, Banten, West Java and Banyuwangi in East Java. What is the use of magic in these two regions? The following is the explanation.

Baduy Tribe in Banten

Some Baduytribesmen are already open with outsiders. But there are still many who practice magical arts. They still have experts in fortune telling, pellets, witchcraft, debus, even weapon science. Many people study in this area, including criminals. Want to be immune to firearms or sharp weapons, all have knowledge.

The magic of the Baduy tribe can wreak havoc for people outside the tribe, and the Baduy themselves. Baduy people can get hit by stones if they try to cause trouble. If there are Baduy people who dare to violate customs, such as riding a vehicle when traveling instead of walking, guaranteed they will immediately get a mysterious illness! However, despite the terrible black magic, they are a friendly and gentle tribe.

Javanese in Banyuwangi

This magical arts of witchcraft from Banyuwangi is also very well known. Witchcraft sorcerers can send nails, spoons, needles and the like to one’s stomach. Somehow they sent it, but there were often cases like that. When a sick person does not heal, it turns out there is a nail in his/her stomach.

It is said that there are types of witchcraft. There is black magic to revenge so that the enemy dies. There are also red witchcraft for revenge but not to make people die, yellow witchcraft to make others like or fall in love, and white witchcraft to run a business. Seriously.(aka)

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