This is the Origins of December

IMPERIUMDAILY.COM – There are many people who miss December. So, romantic songs appeared this month. Call it Back to December by Talyor Swift, A Long December by Counting Crows to Gray December by Yuni Shara and many more.

If asked about December maybe people will mention the 12th month of the calendar. Yet according to Wikipedia, decem means ten.

December was given the Latin name, Decem which means ten. So December means the tenth month. This is because the first month started from March. Initially the winter after December does not count as any month.

As reported by Tribunnews, after the winter is over, then again the first month is calculated, March. Over time, January and February were added to name the months after the Snow season. However, the name December did not change.

In Javanese society, December is defined as the source of the big bang. Because this month Indonesia experienced a rainy season. Followed by January which is defined as daily rain.

People born in December have the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and Capricorn.

December has a narcissus flower symbol. (aka)

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